Mayhem Strikes Again

Have to give a shout out to Creativity-Online for this one.


And CMOs everywhere wonder why they pay creative shops so much money. Taking advantage of something like this is a brilliant use of social media and proves how strong this campaign really is.

Really Clever McDonald’s Ad (possible spec?)

Got to love the simple humor here. There is really no other remarks to make because it is just so perfect. I mean you can argue it doesn’t really benefit McDonald’s but at least there is a spark of, “that genius!”


In This New Year…

Hi All,

Thanks to those who follow my blog and same goes to those who may erroneously venture here in hopes to find something entertaining, I hope this journey doesn’t prove to be fruitless. In attempts to broaden my horizons, as I still am trying to figure out exactly what I want to extract from my employment, I started a music blog highlighting acts that I feel have potential and perk my interests. If you enjoy music, especially rare bands or those just starting out, I invite you to head over here and check it out. I, as always, would appreciate any support in helping to grow this endeavor and gain some attention to it.

Thank you all again and I hope this New Year is treating you as well, if not better, than the last.

Nikon Looks To The Past

Nikon has developed an amazing website that takes today’s date and takes each visitor on the journey to the past where a historic event happened. A full effort to push the idea that “pictures last forever” and a smart way to brand themselves without being overly pushy and aggressive.

AT&T: Two Is Better Than One

Sometimes it’s the small things that make these ads cohesive and work really well. The line at the end, “hold on I’m watching this” is genius and I don’t know for sure if this off the cuff or not but either way it’s made me share this ad tons of times, including here.

New Year, New Dedication

And I’ll start it off with a hilarious retort to the world we all love…


Just read the hashtag. This is a perfect example of people not calling in everyone on their staff to read it before sending out to the masses. I’m pretty sure the first person who read this on Twitter made sure everyone they knew saw it.

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Best Slippery When Wet Sign Ever?

Really creative and also hilariously amazing. Gets the point across with unique design, unique in terms of the implementation, and will get people to actually read what it has to say, which is just being doubled considering the implication of what a banana peel is. A+ on design and thought and bonus points for making me think of people slipping which, for some reason, is absolutely hilarious to me.

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Typing Karaoke

This is pretty much the best thing since the invention of the keyboard and lonely people singing at bars trying to impress potential suitors.

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Trust Your Power

I will admit that motivational speeches, quotes, movies and the like always hit home with me, so it’s no surprise I love this ad featuring Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. In a two minute ad in which Willis tells his life story of determination and perseverance you get drawn in and don’t focus on the fact that it’s promoting a brand. I usually don’t like forced hashtags in advertisements unless they have a purpose and, in this case, #trustyourpower has just that. Now I have to trust the power to not cry in front of my boss after watching this for the 37th time.

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