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Lexus and Why it Has to Stop

I haven’t done a rant in a long time on here but something had really been bothering me lately. Christmas ads are supposed to be funny, heart-warming and built upon family values and morals. Now, before I really go off, I am not against people getting cars for others, I think it’s an amazing thing if you are able to do it and a present that can really, honestly, change someones life. On the other hand I don’t need it to be shoved in my face that I can’t afford to do it.

Giving a car is a huge investment, especially if said car is a Lexus. I’m sure all of you are familiar with the brand of high end luxury automobiles and their extravagant price tags. The ads, although showing what appears to be very affluent people, make these gifts seem like it isn’t a huge investment and one that shouldn’t be made with a great deal of thought. With that being said what really irks me is the creative used for these spots.  Continue reading

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What PR Isn’t About

I came across an interesting article via AdFreak that featured a PR executive screaming, I would imagine but it was through email so who really knows, at a customer who was inquiring about the delivery status of his order. Turns out the customer is somewhat connected to the gaming community, the product was a custom PS3 controller, and decided to turn to bloggers who eventually released the email correspondence to their followers. Needless to say the entire email has caused a stir in the community which has the PR firm backtracking and apologizing for upsetting the industry. See the email correspondence after the fold. Continue reading

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It’s Santa, Dawg

I’m not really that keen or over enthused about the whole agency holiday card thing but after watching “Epic Santa Dog” I may have to cut them some slack. This hilarious, random video of a dog just being a dog will probably be the highlight of my day. Not only is he so cute but he’s mischievous, playful and reminds us all that the holiday season is for fun and apparently for sex? Some weird clips did make the video but it doesn’t change the fact that now Whirled Creative has marked their territory, no pun intended, and are going to turn heads with this card. Link after the fold.  Continue reading

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Watch Your Back Santa

Best buy is really taking it to St. Nick this holiday season in a hilarious way. The ads feature moms in Best Buy getting great deals on electronic gadgetry and essentially beating the jolly man from the North Pole in the competition of better gift giving.

Nothing says “seasons greetings” more than a competition to try to gain favor over loved ones by giving better gifts than someone else…heartwarming.

There are a variety of ads that follow this story from a mom texting Santa on cell phones that she bought at Best Buy to my personal favorite where a mom is waiting for him on her roof mocking him and his famous “Ho Ho Ho” bellow. All are equally funny yet are shocking not creating (from what I’ve seen) any controversy from any religious groups saying this is not what Christmas is all about. Well played Best Buy. See my favorite after the fold.  Continue reading

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The Pitch

AMC is jumping on the success of “Mad Men” and running out a new unscripted TV show named “The Pitch”. The idea behind the show is to show the ideation process of agencies as they prepare a pitch for the client after being briefed. Anyone who has watched “Mad Men” can already picture the show in their head which is why, I believe, it will be great at first but then flounder by the end.

We are all enthralled by the advertising world that was in the ’60’s era show but those days are long gone and not likely to come back. The intricate of agencies and the political dynamics may provide enough drama for the show to last however, although still social, the ad game is not getting drunk in the office and going out to have sex with as many people as possible anymore. Well…at least it’s not as out in the open as it used to be.  Continue reading

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There’s Something Funny About Davenport

If you’re anything like me you love Will Farrell and pretty much laugh at anything he says, even in those serious moments during Stranger Than Fiction, he just has one of those faces.

Do you think his kids ever take him seriously? Continue reading

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Something is off…

AdFreak announced their top 30 “Freakiest Ads of the Year” and it’s worth taking a gander. Yes, the majority are creative and appealing but some just give you that uneasy feeling that you get right after eating White Castle. Some are funny, some are intense, some are contrived, some are just flat out strange. None of the top 29 come anywhere near #1 which is easily the freakiest ad I have ever seen, possibly the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen period. Yes we all dream and sometimes they are weird but I’ve never had a dream sequence anywhere near these. If you have 10 minutes and don’t have anyone near you who may mistake these for some kind of fetish website you should probably watch but be prepared because your mind is about to be blown. I give you Help Remedies: Dream Scenarios. Happy nightmares.

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Well Skittles…I Don’t Know What to Say

Skittles really is pretty weird and there is no exception to this weird viral video that has been gaining steam and has over 500,000 views on YouTube. The video features a man who receives a boom box made of Skittles and celebrates (?) by taking it all over the place and dancing like a hippie on acid at Woodstock. Honestly couldn’t really get through the entire video but I did get to the point of the cute girl doing the same thing. I can only imagine that it ended in a weird love connection that was more awkward than when Napoleon Dynamite found that girl with the sideways pony tail. On a sidebar I think the FDA may want to check what is in Skittles besides the sugar, see my Woodstock comment above. Click through for the video. Continue reading

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Talking Unibrow

The title of this post pretty much says it all. A man in the bathroom is singing a dead on rendition of Kajagoogoo’s smash hit “Too Shy” when his unibrow comes to life and starts talking. The man, who isn’t as horrified as I would be, gives a listen to his furry friend who rambles about how great the new site Simfy, a German music hosting website, is. To say it’s creepy would be an understatement and coupled with the scenery it just makes it that much worse. The worst part? Yes aside from a talking mouth coming to life in your unibrow, is the fact that it wont die! The man shaves his eyebrow bridge only for the mouth to shift to his other eyebrows. M. Night Shyamalan just got very excited. See it below.  Continue reading

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Have Something to Hide?

Everyone knows it can take one second of uncharacteristic behavior for someone to draw conclusions about what you were doing or what you’re about. Getting close to a girl to talk to her, even innocently, can lead to many things being thrown at you and the conclusion being lonely at night all because someone snapped a picture at the right or wrong time, depending on what side you’re on. If you have found yourself in such a situation Norte Beer has come up with a device that will save you from spending time on the couch or collecting your favorite records off the front lawn.  Continue reading

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