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Shoot the Serif

Gotta love creativity and this is right up there. Designers take your shot at killing off the Serif fonts but be sure not to take out any sans serif as they are not the culprit here. To The Point, an agency from the U.K., came up with the idea as an added bonus on their website, from what I can see. They also have some other fun games to play as well. Now if only every website could have such a friendly and fun user experience.


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Wayyyyyy Out there Theories

In this interesting post from BuzzFeed the author, Dave Stopera, takes on the theory that many famous shows/movies/entertainment have hidden meanings. I’m not sure if this is really the case but, hell, conspiracies are fun and can crush people’s souls so I am all about it. My personal favorite is the Fresh Prince one, which Dave names as “the one that hurts the most”, I agree.


Like Tasteless Things?

No I’m not talking about Weight Watchers frozen dinners, I’m talking about Tasteless ads of course. The Chip Shop Awards, which I just discovered thanks to AdFreak, has released it’s nominations for the top ads of 2012. I love tasteless humor because it’s direct, honest and gets a cheap laugh, depending on who you are showing it to. Now that I know my horrible sense of humor can get me an award I will be submitting work for 2012, anyone interested? It’s hilarious, it’s wrong and it’s everything I ever wanted out of advertising. Check them out here.

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Tom Brady, What Can’t You Do

Well this really isn’t an advertisement, although they do mention Under Armour, but it’s still funny to me and it’s my blog so I’ll do whatever the fuck I want. In all seriousness Tom Brady, my man crush by the way, is hilarious in this video and they do a great job with the supporting cast. The end line “Matt Damon you are out of line” makes the whole video. Funny or Die, you complete me.

Tom Brady

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Dog Makes Pitch to Potential Owners

In ad land of course. Thinkbox, which is apparently some kind of TV advertising service, came up with an idea to show off their services by having a dog advertise with them. The dog, who happens to be in a shelter, makes his case in a short presentation that shows him being “man’s best friend”. Cute ad that pulls on the heart strings of any dog lover, just not sure if it sold through the product correctly but, then again, I usually don’t understand ads from the UK.

Advertising Agency: The Red Brick Road, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Paul Weinberger
Art Directors / Copywriters: Mark SlackGemma Phillips

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Mio, Myo…sorry couldn’t resist

Not sure where these ads are airing but they are certainly not on any channels I watch because I get the stupid fucking animal ones that are more horrible than sitting through an episode of That 70s Show. This ad is hilarious, weird, wacky and all over the place and, as an added bonus, actually sells through the product line, “it changes everything”. I love good writing and I love brands that are willing to take chances, just place this ad in the U.S. please.  Continue reading

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Premature Ejac?

Condom ads are usually lame for the most part, working on some cliched veiled metaphor that has us all rolling our eyes. This one isn’t really any different but I giggled so, probably at the subject matter more than the actual humor in it. I think it is smart to some degree, the art could be a little different. I’ll be picking these up…I mean, I feel bad for anyone who has to get these, probably not embarrassing when you walk up to the counter and someone from your high school is standing on line behind you asking how you like them. Not that I know from experience or anything. Ads after the fold. Continue reading

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Flock of Seagulls, Appropriate

Cape Cod potato chips put out a, how do I put this, kind of lame, but the kind of lame that is really funny, ad. I’m not a huge fan of the build up but the pay off is hilarious and so “out there” that I could picture myself watching it over and over again. I don’t know if they can run with this idea but “Ridiculously Good”, the tagline employed, opens the doors for all types of weird ads, hopefully one features Steve Martin playing the banjo.

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Sometimes You Gotta Let Your Crazy Out

Like, you know, jumping out of a helicopter with no parachute…makes sense


Interesting Dollar Drawings

I love how creative some people are in noticing ways to change existing entities to look brand new. Although not a new practice, by any means, it is still fun to watch how people vandalize our currency by combining past presidents with updated pop culture references. My favorite is probably Thomas Jefferson as Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.

see the rest here, via buzzfeed

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