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Apple Does Product Placement Proud

If you’re a fan of this blog you know I am a huge fan of what product placement can do for brands as long as it’s not in your face and intrusive. Top Chef and The Biggest Loser are two of the biggest offenders, of the shows I watch regularly, of the “in your face” category. They have blatant testimony and straight copy read aloud by contestants and judges pushing a product or service for the benefit of the audience. On the flip side the USA Network has mastered the idea of discrete product placement to the point that you may not even know you’re being advertised to. Continue reading

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What I Learned from Chrysler’s Super Bowl Ad

I was sitting at home the other night, watching TV, and finally saw the much talked about spot that Chrysler ran during the Super Bowl. To say I was impressed would be an understatement, I absolutely love this ad, it has a positive message, a call to action and relevant pop culture tie-ins that reminds everyone these products are made in Detroit. I also have to mention that the tag line “Imported from Detroit” is a genius statement that is meant to draw patriotic emotion from those who don’t buy American because of  the stigma that imported vehicles are better. Despite the great copy and emotionally driven content, one aspect of this ad really got me to pay attention – the music. Continue reading

Advertising, the Killer of Pop Culture Trends

Think back to the early 90’s, when grunge was king, and then think of one of the most iconic music videos from a band of this era. If you thought of Pearl Jam’s – Evenflow then we are on the same page, if not? Well then now you know what I’m talking about. If you have seen this video you surely remember Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, jumping off one of the balconies at Hammerstein Ballroom into the waiting arms of fans below. A shot that showed us the raw emotion of the grunge scene, and how insane Mr. Vedder really is. It also brought the idea of crowd-surfing to the masses and made it a trend at all the biggest concerts. It was the “thing to do” at a show and then, BAM!, advertising got a hold of it! Continue reading