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Craigslist, Thank You

My friend was looking for stuff on the internet, I’m not really sure why a rabbit made it into the search queue, but alas here it is.

#1: FRE RABBIT. I’m not really sure how you spell Free wrong, but she is friendly so all is forgiven.


#2 Table for sale: Starts off like any other listing, but then the seller becomes a comedy writer. If you live alone and are sad most of the time you may want to skip this

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Best Acting Ever.

courtesy of Copyranter


Excel, More than Just Numbers

Came across this amazing little gem, and being a research analyst who spends ALL of his time in Excel, minus the time on here and on the web, okay maybe it’s like 25% of my day, this was pretty damn impressive. An artist using excel to create masterpieces and using stop motion to animate. Pure genius and proof that Microsoft, albeit unintentionally, may have allowed someone to create something cool.


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Shark Week

I’ve never been a fan of Shark Week in the conventional sense. I usually say, “oh, look at that Shark Week is back I should set my DVR or something”. I say that, don’t mean it and therefore never watch any of it. But maybe, just maybe, if Shark Week turned into this, I would watch every gosh darn second of it.

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So We Are Copying a Guy from 1917

I was trolling Buzzfeed looking for a good article to post some long-winded rant about baby penguins when I came across this gem. As it turns out some old guy in 1917 used OMG for the first time in print. Take that all you texting teenagers and don’t get me started on adorable baby penguins!


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