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Logos Explained by 5 Year Old

I saw this on Ad Freak and had to post it. It’s a cute video that will probably be over analyzed by consultants letting businesses know they have to restructure them because they are too complicated for a 5 year old to understand and recognize. Ahhhh big business…what won’t you over analyze?

Anyway it’s really something amazing to watch and funny as she actually will name some correctly. Plus! Who doesn’t love a child’s imagination? It’s pretty awesome to see what she comes up with as a response for a lot of these things. My personal favorite is the Google Chrome logo as she calls it a “beach ball”. See the video after the fold.  Continue reading

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Cause Intrigue, Not Confusion

Because of my love for advertising I always make sure to check Ads of the World every morning before I start my day. Usually it’s for inspiration, see the latest trends, make fun of people anonymously on the message board, you know, the usual.  As I was going through the latest batch of uploads I came across a curious campaign for a brand named Red Off. One of the comments read “I had to go through the brand to understand this ad”, so I poise the question, is that bad?  Continue reading

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Joe Paterno and Badly Timed Advertising

There is no secret that Joe Paterno’s passing has made headline news around the country. Especially with the Penn State scandal and his quick decline of health many people are writing posts and articles about his legacy and how he will be remembered.

Don’t worry, this is not one of them.  Continue reading

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Career Builder Goes with Chimps in Super Bowl Effort

The eternal debate my last forever on whether or not ads should feature animals or babies. Given that so many ads have featured one or the other, and in some cases both, many professionals believe that these will always be compared to the originators of this line of thinking. But that shouldn’t matter to the consumer should it? Personally, I don’t think so. I’m a bit of an ad snob myself, clearly, so I tend to agree that boundaries need to be pushed and making a ad that scores high doesn’t necessarily mean it is driving people to buy the product. Of course, like many other things in life, there are always exceptions to the “rules” or standards.

This year Career Builder is one of them with their use of chimps in their Super B… sorry “Big Game” spot. Featuring animals to show what most people think of their jobs makes for a hilarious comparison and makes those who hate their jobs go “oh wow, they’re right!”. Some pros may think it’s a cheap way to get positive reaction and maybe their right. But I don’t think Career Builder will care once they activate a large number of accounts during the game, immediately after the game and months later when people get fired because of a dumb bet they made. Have to give props to AdFreak on this one and visit their page to view the spot.

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Kevin Pearce Tells Story with Help from Bing

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, recently aired a spot that features the incredible story of snowboarder Kevin Pearce. Pearce, who was injured in a snowboarding mishap, suffered traumatic injuries that almost cost him his life but has made a full recovery and has started hitting the slopes once again. Through the use of the internet, fans of Kevin have been able to follow his progress and his incredible story of never giving up and perseverance. The spot is shot incredibly well and makes sure to hit the emotional notes yet still stay classy enough where they aren’t over-saturating the ad with product mentions and talk about “how easy it is to use”. In my opinion this is the way advertising should be done, tying an emotional response, laughing, crying, fear, etc., to a product so when you need that good or service you automatically think of them. Maybe it’s just my love of good advertising that makes me think this way but I would rather see Bing do ads like these instead of just showing product demo over and over again.  See the spot below the fold.  Continue reading

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Don’t Have a Grandson with a Dog Collar

We’ve all been there at one point in our lives where we get so frustrated with a service, be it TV or something else, that we have to vent. Venting comes in all shapes and sizes, I usually hop on Twitter to trash the company and usually generate little to no response but I feel that I really “stuck it to them”. In the case of DirecTV they show a series of unfortunate events that could happen to a frustrated cable TV subscriber in their latest campaign.

Taking certain liberties has it’s advantages as a whirlwind of scenarios transpire after a customer releases the anger cable television has caused. The genius part of these ads, in my opinion, is the fact that most people actually work out these types of scenarios in their heads when making decisions. What could the chain reaction be if I actually eat this delicious piece of chocolate cake, for example. Just imagine what would happen if you had a self image problem and you were confronted with this extremely hard decision!

Comedy is always the way to my heart and these ads have certainly made their way to the top of my fictitious “Top Ads” list that I never really get around to creating, I know you’re all waiting. The latest installment features a father who releases his anger by slapping the couch and his daughter follows in his footsteps eventually birthing a child who wears a dog collar. See the ad after the fold.  Continue reading

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Death of a Salesman

It’s always sad to see a partnership break apart and today is no different. William Shatner and Priceline have officially split and those adorable ads will not longer be made and Shatner is now one step closer to doing ads for Snuggies. It seems that Priceline is looking to break away from the its long running ads about price negotiation and move towards their fixed price model but hopefully they keep the good stuff coming.

In true Priceline fashion and the ridiculousness these ads have featured over the 14 year run the campaign is literally going to kill off “The Negotiator” by having him plummet to his death when his bus drives off a cliff. One last hoorah for Shatner and his character as he is truly making a grand exit. Now we can only hope Priceline doesn’t go the way of Burger King and start making horrible stagnant and boring ads.  Continue reading

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Dogs + Star Wars = Heaven (or Hell)

They say if you want a successful ad you can always rely on the aww factor that dogs and babies create when they do funny, cute or outrageous things. In the most recent ad by Volkswagen they decided to follow the Star Wars theme from last years Super Bowl with a twist by adding a chorus of dogs barking the “Imperial March” also known as “that song from Star Wars, you know, the badass, scary one? “.

In what I would imagine took probably 3 days and a lot of Beggin’ Strips the crew got all the dogs on a stage and had them mock bark the song while dressed adorably in Star Wars attire. I didn’t see Princess Leia though, disappointing. Volkswagen does it again with an ad that will stick out in your mind and interestingly enough doesn’t feature any of their automobiles at all. I guess the brand is also taking a tough stance considering they have fought with Greenpeace already and now will undoubtedly have to face PETA. See the ad after the fold.  Continue reading

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Wheat Thins or WHheat Thins?

If any of you follow my various creative outlets you undoubtedly know that I recently took some advertising classes in order to build out my portfolio in an effort to get a copywriting job. While taking these classes, two to be exact, I came across two creatives, one Copywriter, Paul Fix of JWT, and one Art Director, Mitchell Ratchik of the freelance variety. In this particular case I am speaking of the latter teacher who worked on this memorable and increasingly lovable ad for Wheat Thins.

With the benefit of Seth MacFarlane on their side the team used his vastly popular television show Family Guy and two of their viewers favorite characters in Stewie and Brian. The ad is based on the way people pronounce the H in words that start with wh, in this case Wheat. Quickly a debate between the two characters starts in as they try to convince each other their pronunciation of the word Wheat or WHheat is correct. The positive reinforcement behind the use of the characters and their likability helps Wheat Thins image and this ad has become the target of much acclaim and has helped the brand reach a younger, hipper audience. See the ad below the fold. Continue reading

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Nick Saban, Red Tails and the BCS Championship

As I was watching the post game wrap up on ESPN last night I noticed something odd that, to be honest, may have just been something said in passing. As I started to become obsessed with what I just heard I realized that a genius move was just made to promote a film and it was used in casual conversation.

Couldn’t it just have been said in passing?

Sure! But there are a few reasons why I don’t think it was.  Continue reading

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