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Originality Punished

I was thinking last night that I haven’t ranted in a while and then BAM like a strike of lightning something happened that got me really fucking annoyed. And now the preface.

I understand the idea behind “America’s Got Talent” and that it’s not really who has the most talent, if that were the case Illuminati would’ve won, but about who is the most popular. And if there is one thing for sure that originality goes, somewhat, punished on the show. Of course I am speaking somewhat in order to raise an eyebrow but I do feel that a band in the “America’s Got Talent” showcase got screwed out of a slot because of their risk at being original.

Wordspit and the Illist is a band that oozes creativity and originality and got punished for performing an original, yes original, song on “America’s Got Talent”. The show that touts and endorses unique and “original” acts to grace their stage bounced this band when it had a chance to save them last night.

No, I assure you, I am not some jaded fan of theirs. I do, however, enjoy their music and presence on stage.

It’s something, that I feel, is a problem in America right now. Originality and creativity is shunned until, of course, it catches speed and then all of the sudden the “nay-sayers” come out of the woodwork to claim they were fans all along.

I don’t understand it.

Maybe it’s just me and maybe I am missing something, this wouldn’t be the first time. And, of course, there is always the simple idea that no one enjoyed this band, but based on the judges, who don’t speak for all of America, they all agreed that this band was something special. There was a turning point though when Howie and Sharon both said they shot themselves in the foot for doing an original song which, undoubtedly, cost them some points because people go on the judges recommendations for some reason.

The issue at hand though isn’t this one particular band, it’s society as a whole. I know people want to fit in and be cool but, again maybe just me, I don’t operate like that. I love seeing new and exciting things and love to discuss and determine whether or not I, not you, like and enjoy it. People who do original things are often cast aside for some cookie cutter idea that is a copy of a copy of a copy, I just don’t fully understand it. And, naturally, that original idea comes forth and becomes a big hit, see Taylor Swift.

This post may not be seen by a lot of people, hell it may not be seen by anyone, but I beg of you, America, please don’t punish originality. If you don’t like something that is completely fine but don’t punish creativity because they didn’t play a cover of “We Are Young” by Fun. “America’s Got Talent” is also to blame considering they lead in by saying the band is taking a “risk” doing an “original song” giving a negative thought at the start. Creativity and originality should be praised not looked at like a person playing in traffic.

Please, stop the madness.


Take That, Barista

Upon a trip to my favorite “indie” coffee shop, of course I am referring to Starbucks, I realized that some of the baristas have, somewhat, of an attitude or, better put, an sense of entitlement. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not shitting on people that work at Starbucks, hell I would work there if I needed to also, but please don’t think you’re better than me because I ordered a “Regular Large Coffee” from your establishment instead of using the appropriate dialogue set-forth by your company’s marketing department. With that being said, here’s to you, you angry, angry, angry barista.

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The Ad that Wants to be the Ad your Ad wants to Be

I HATE RIPOFFS and this is one of them. It’s been going around the world wide webernet for a while but still I have to comment on it. First of all I don’t understand what this does for your brand, meaning it does fucking nothing for your brand. It only makes people remember the Old Spice commercial and throw you away as a blubbering idiot for blatantly STEALING another creatives idea and putting it to your own brand. It’s bad enough that people emulate the Old Spice ads, like Edge Gel and Dairy Queen, but at least they had the decency to change some things up about it. This is the worst rip off of an ad ever and it’s not even remotely funny. I don’t encourage suing but I hope Old Spice sues them for the use of the whistle jingle at the end too. I’m sick of it, do something original. Ad after the fold.  Continue reading

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Throwback Tuesday…You’re right, Thursday would sound better

ESPN has some of the best advertising out there for Sportscenter, here are a few of my favorite. I don’t think I need to dive in any more, just enjoy the hilarity.

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Madonna Banned by the Network that Airs Desperate Housewives

I will start this off by saying I am in no way a fan of Madonna’s or someone who would ever fight on her side usually, but this instance is a little crazy. ABC, you know, the network that airs shows like Desperate Housewives, GCB, General Hospital, etc. has banned a commercial for Madonna’s new fragrance. The ad, by Madonna’s standards, really isn’t that racy and doesn’t show her bent over with some guy standing behind her or her dropping a snake in her crotch. It’s her a la her vogue days dressed in a, for what it’s worth, pretty damn sexy outfit but features nothing that outrageous. I’m pretty sure Eva Longoria in lingerie bouncing up and down on a guy is just as bad, if not worse, than this ad is. Sorry for the rant but banning of advertising when these networks sensationalize violence and greed seems a little off to me. If you want to use moral integrity use it for everything. With that being said see the spot after the fold. Continue reading

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Did We Stop Dreaming?

I usually dedicate this blog to mostly marketing and advertising topics however I do feel this video speaks a lot about the current state of the nation and why we are in such a huge deficit and huge economic turmoil. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks about the budget cuts to NASA and how it effects our nation, not just economically but also in our belief to find something greater. By cutting budgets we are saying we are giving up and in his estimation, and I’m inclined to believe him because he’s a fucking ASTROPHYSICIST, a half a penny (I believe a paycheck) funds the entire space program. Everyone in this nation is looking to get quick rich and that’s no exception to the politicians or the bankers or the investors in Facebook, Groupon or any other startup out there. We, as a nation, are treading in dangerous waters and need to take note that if we don’t look to the future we are going to fuck up everything for everyone. Keep the dreams alive and pass this video along.


Thanks to TheChive for the video.

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Creative Throws a Temper Tantrum

Sorry guys this isn’t a viral video or anything of that nature just another ad for another award show that doesn’t reflect the actual work that will be put up for an actual award. It seems lately that the award show ads are lacking any creativity or flare which doesn’t make much sense to me considering it’s an ad for an award show so it should be really good, right? Imagine if the ad itself got a nomination? I think the world would explode! Of jealousy of course. This particular video shows what goes on behind close doors when a creative pitches his work to a ad exec who is speaking on behalf of the client. I personally can’t stand this ad but I’m sure some people, somewhere, probably outside of advertising and currently sitting at home in front of a TV watching QVC would really enjoy it. I will pay you $5 if you don’t want to punch this guy in the face by the end. Just kidding but I will send you a picture of a $5 bill if that helps. See the ad after the fold. Continue reading

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Most Annoying Interactive Ad Ever?

As I do every morning I have my “go to” website so I can act like I am keeping up with the world and learning about everything that is happening. As I visited the New York Times website, which came after Facebook and the comic strip Cyanide and HappinessI was compelled to click on an interactive banner ad that, generally, I would never click on. But Metlife and their use of the comic strip Peanuts drew me in with my chance to play piano in front of a waiting audience who would adore me after my performance. When it cued me to play I was shocked by something that was a little odd, the interactive part was literally just keeping up with Schroeder by bashing your keyboard and being in line with the tempo. Although somewhat smart they left off the part that would actually create some sense of fun where you could actually be the one playing the piano. Just tell people to hit random keys BUT give them the keys to click! Needless to say I gave up after 3 seconds because I didn’t want to annoy my cubemate, that’s a lie…I just got bored with it. Banner is on the New York Times home page, give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

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Leo Burnett Just Rolled Over in His Grave

It’s “all the rage” to have a video for your agency to recruit people so they come work for you or to at least give people the idea that you are actually looking to hire people like them and not just looking in CA for the award winners. Some of them are funny but for the huge talent pools that most of these places have they usually come up flat and uninspiring, creating the opposite effect of what they were trying to convey. Such is the case with this Leo Burnett spot where a Creative Recruiter will answer your questions on Twitter so basically just fulfilling his duties as a recruiter. The video wasn’t very funny and actually kind of turned me off from Leo Burnett, that’s a lie and after this post I’ll probably tweet @davidondemand with the hashtag #askdavid begging for a job. I also don’t really understand the ending, it was a little weird that they put that in there. Link to the video after the fold. Continue reading

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Apple, Really?

As I was lounging around last night a new ad for Apple popped on the screen promoting the ever so popular Siri feature. In the beginning most of their ads featured multiple people using Siri for multiple purposes to show off the wide array of scenarios “she” can help you out with. In this particular spot they focus on one man/boy, honestly this guy could be 26 for all I know, and his journey to become a “Rock God”. It follows his journey from first buying a guitar to learning how to play it and so on and so forth. The spot concludes with the pretentious wannabe telling Siri to refer to him as a “Rock God” and let’s be honest for a second you just played a gig in your garage, why don’t you calm down there Axl Rose. For the quality work Apple and TBWA have put out this spot fails miserably and doesn’t make me want to get the phone any more than I already did. Judge for yourself, spot after the fold. Continue reading

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