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Canal+ & a Bear

As I watched this ad unfold I have to admit, I had no idea what this ad was for. A mini movie in and of itself this ad follows an odd looking bear, featured here as a movie director, as he is on a film shoot/documentary about his love for film. The product is Canal+, a premium TV channel in France, and it’s touting its movie selection. The insight here is great and I don’t want to spoil the end but just think of a living room. It’s almost like a mystery movie where you have to guess the villain. One of the best ads I have ever seen and should be on AdFreaks top 25 most epic ads list. See the ad, in all its glory, below.  Continue reading

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Hey Luke, Squeeze This!

If you couldn’t tell from the title, I apologize for the hideous joke by the way, I am clearly referencing Luke Sullivan’s book on creative advertising titled Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!. A book that I finally picked up and just finished reading. Being an aspiring Copywriter myself I now understand why this book is so well revered and considered to be an advertising bible for many inside and outside of this industry.

I could go through and detail every piece of information I found useful however, I wouldn’t do it justice. This book gives clear insight into what makes a great ad and why the ad industry is so amazingly awesome to be a part of. I would generally go on tangents on what it taught me but I truly feel the book needs to be read with a clear mind and no anticipation of what is to come. Advertising is objective and, as Mr. Sullivan references many times in the book, the author and myself have our own opinions on what is good, bad, effective and down right dumb. Continue reading

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Luvs’ Takes Home Worst Spot Award

The results are in and the winner, errrrr maybe loser?, of America’s worst commercial is Luvs’ “Poop, There it is!”. You know the ad, the one where the adorable animated babies enter a pooping contest to see who can fill their diapers the most! Yes, it’s a pretty disgusting premise. I’m actually surprised it didn’t get tossed the second it was pitched, go figure!

The Consumerist has posted the finalists and losers of their annual “Worst Ads” awards, which you can find below.  Continue reading

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So, about Fiat

I have a BIG problem with Jennifer Lopez. I mean maybe she’s a nice person and all so I shouldn’t say I have a problem with HER but probably with the way she will market ANYTHING, seriously, anything.

Which brings me to Fiat.

I get the whole “we need a celebrity” angle but is Jenifer Lopez really the only one willing to jump on this product? To think that she would actually drive one of these cars is, in all honesty, preposterous. Her ego can’t even fit in there, let alone get buckled in! The first ad, which was for her music video, wasn’t well done either. Put her in a situation where she NEEDS a fiat, not a situation where she is trying to escape her crazy fans, or whatever. Not well executed and neither is the newest installment.  Continue reading

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Schlage Shows the Pain in Losing Your Keys

Promoting their new line of Automatic locks Schlage has started a new campaign where people lose their traditional set of keys. In the ad below (link courtesy of Ads of the World) the main character returns home from a business trip only to find that he has misplaced his keys. After he realizes he is locked out the man has to try and figure out a way to get into his house, by any means necessary. He rings the doorbell, tries to catch a part of the house with rope to scale it, climbs a tree all to no avail. A neighbor then finds him hanging off the front of his house, he says hi, she walks away and then we are hit with the key-less entry locks they have just rolled out. Pretty funny stuff. See it below. Continue reading

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Worst Ads in America Nominees Anncounced

First off, have to admit I stole this from but felt I had to share this to my faithful followers, hi Mom!

So every year, for that past two anyway, Consumerist puts out a list of America’s worst advertising for the previous year. This year has some very heavy hitters, some I applauded that they made it to the list but some I wouldn’t agree with. (for the record, the GEICO “Smart Phone” ad was my personal favorite of the year)

The list is hilarious nonetheless as you go down it and recall how horrible some of these ads were. However, I wish they would have a local ad competition but, as I’ve mentioned in this blog before, that would be a very long list.

My favorite category has to be TRENDS THAT NEED TO STOP BEING TRENDS, because, to put it bluntly, I HATE trends in advertising. But I’ll spare the rant, this time. Back to it… Continue reading

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The Big Ad Gig

Although crushed by the fact that my well versed and carefully crafted video did not make the cut for this years Big Ad Gig, I still wanted to attend the competition and offer my support.

I mean c’mon my video was about puns, it was shot in a bowling alley and the tagline was “Grab your balls (there’s the tee up) we’re going bowling!” (and the drive!). Alright so going the pun route was pretty obvious and I guess the use of the pun wasn’t well articulated but, there is always next year, right! Hopefully my video wasn’t bad enough that they banned me from the competition, I should look into that. Here it is

ANYWAY… Continue reading

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