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Eastpak Plays Tetris and Loses it’s Dignity

I got the chance to see a new Eastpak viral video today and I really have to say that it is horrible. It basically seems like a bunch of people said “let’s create something that isn’t relevant anymore but people remember and then do something crazy at the end, like throw them in a jet engine” (sorry for the spoiler, but you’ll be more disappointed when you watch the actual commercial). I understand jumping on something that’s hot and is working, such as creating something wacky like Skittles, but at least make it something relevant. What does Tetris have to do with Eastpak? Especially human Tetris where people have to jump off buildings to play? Nothing, that’s what!

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Skip, Skip, Skip to my YouTube Video

Pre-roll advertising has been a staple in the digital age, you have content that people want to see so obviously putting up an advertisement before you can view the content was a no brainer. However, viewers started to get annoyed and started going elsewhere for their content. The industry had to shift, and did so incredibly quickly, and started to institute a skip feature so they could give the viewer the option of completing the ad or continuing on to their destination. There are many sites and studies claiming that online ads are viewed more and skipped less often than TV ads, but that can really be for a number of reasons. People may forget the ad is running, the ads may be a mandatory view, 30-seconds isn’t that long if you are waiting for a video, etc. But, how do you keep people truly interested in your ad, especially if they can skip it. YouTube generally let’s you “opt-out” or skip the ad within 5-seconds, so what is this doing to the creative building these ads? Continue reading

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So Wait…Do You Really Like Me?

While I was thumbing, 0kay scrolling, through my newsletters yesterday I came across an interesting study showing that “like-walls” on Facebook are causing an adverse effect for brands. Obviously the whole concept of a Facebook user “liking” your brand is to try to get a true numerical tally of how many customers you are connecting with. Even more important than that the “like” proves that they are an avid follower of your brand and want to share this information with their friends/connections on the platform. But, as the study states, creating a “like-wall” makes the consumer think that there is value to doing so and that they will, in turn, receive something for pledging their allegiance to your brand. So, what if that content isn’t good enough?

This is the infamous "Like-Wall"

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New Era Hits a Homer

Alright, sorry for the horrible pun but, New Era currently has a commercial running starring Alec Baldwin (the cocky Yankee fan) and John Krasinski (the angry Red Sox fan) that shows the true competitiveness, and fun, that this long-standing MLB rivalry has to offer. The spot opens with an immediate dig by John asking Alec if he would become a Phillies fan, insinuating that all Yankee fans are front-runners (of course a Red Sox fan would say that!), because of Cliff Lee being signed by the Philadelphia in the off-season when it was suspected he would sign with the Yankees. After that the gloves come off and comedic genius ensues, with John going a bit too overboard at the end but it’s okay Alec understands. Enjoy!

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Don’t You Hate Ads? AdKeeper Says No

There is no doubt that Scott Kurnit is a brilliant entrepreneur who has had amazing success in his lifetime but his newest idea has a lot of advertising experts scratching their heads saying “really?”. The founder has recently launched AdKeeper, a website extension that provides a subscriber with a “KeepButton” so they can save website ads for later viewing. Now, you can probably imagine why a lot of people are thinking “ummmm, yeah, sooooo how’s this gunna work?”. It’s a popular response, especially when the usual consensus is that the general public hates advertisements! But when you really break it down there are implications here that prove this idea has legs and can be a great success.  Continue reading

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These Nuts are Nuts!

Oh, what a glorious day when I come across a new Emerald Nuts commercial! I thought the Robert Goulet ad was amazing and then they top it with their new “Humanize Your Morning” campaign promoting their Breakfast on the Go product. I have to say out of their “Commuterbot”, “Mombot” and “Cubebot” spots, “Cubebot” takes the cake for sure! Mostly because I eat a standard breakfast bar every morning, too bad there are no robots around my way. Wait, maybe I’m the robot? Anyway, Emerald is clearly sticking it to the boring breakfast bar, in hilarious fashion.

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Thanks for the Free Mention?

There are a lot of instances on TV and Radio, possibly even some web content, where a product is mentioned in passing without being put on prominent display, almost like a conventional paid product placement. One that comes right to mind is the Kool-Aid man busting through the court room wall on Family Guy, using his infamous line of ‘Ohhhh Yeahhhhh’. Of course, this was used in a comical sense to get a laugh, but is that good for Kool-Aid?

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