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If You’re Into Confusing Condom Ads

As a student of advertising, as I am sure I’ve mentioned before, condom and hot sauce ads are pretty much a no-no for your book unless they are extremely creative. These ads, I presume, were actually run for Prime Condoms and lack anything that creative or interesting for that matter, unless the objective was to get you to stare at a man’s crotch, which we all enjoy, right? The tag on these ads are for “hardcore pleasure” and if any of you have seen any porn out there hardcore and pleasure means that maybe these ads are right up your alley, what do I know? All I come out of these ads thinking is “if I was a woman I don’t think I would want my vag sliced up by a ninja but what if my penis was a ninja” and then all bets are off from that point on, a good sitcom idea comes to mind though. Now that you can’t get that out of your head, check out the ads after the fold.  Continue reading

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What the Shit?

Just when you thought you were overboard checking your Twitter feed constantly on your phone as you’re walking to your computer just to hop on Hootsuite to ensure you didn’t miss anything, you can now check your feed while taking a shit! Really disapprove of tweets you hated by whipping your, hmmmmmmmm on second thought you can finish that sentence. Not really sure why this is necessary but it is, at the very least, interesting and something that will undoubtedly sell…which may be an indication of how obsessed with being “in the know” we are. Since they are printed there is obviously a waiting period but you can re-hash all the hate you had for that tweet your ex-boyfriend sent about him being on a date with a new girl and how much more fun and adventurous she is. You’ll really sock it to him if you order this! Good job!

Anyway, the brand is called Shitter and is from Australia, obviously. So go out and order your self some $35 toilet paper because that’s what the world needs more of, novelty toilet paper.

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Anchorman 2 Announcement

There is really no need to explain any more here. This is amazingly amazing and I don’t care if what I just wrote grammatically correct. Here it is in all it’s glory.

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Bear and the Gang

I have never waned in my adoration for the work Mullen did for the Boston Bruins and, in all honesty, I was a little upset the team left their roster to join forces with Arnold. Luckily for me, and any other advertising dork who is a fan of the Bruins, so just me, they took their lovable mascot along with them to the new shop. In this ad they feature all the “characters” that are famous among the Bruin faithful as if they are in a corny 70’s sitcom. I laughed because they are hilarious but I may have laughed a little too loud because I love this team. I guarantee if you are one of those horrible Canadians fans, I’m grossed out by the thought that you are reading my blog, just kidding! love you!, you will still get a kick out of it and find yourself crying for cheering on such a horrible team. The best part is at the end with “Bear” typing on the typewriter, fantastic. See the spot after the fold. Continue reading

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The Pitch: The Trailer

So The Pitch seems to be gaining some traction and should be airing in mid-spring. They have finally released the trailer and  it seems interesting to people in the ad industry I’m not so sure it will translate to the superstar show AMC is hoping for. I’m interested in it for sure but I don’t think people that are fans of Mad Men will just throw themselves at the show. Maybe I’m wrong but I just don’t think it will have the drama, or the characters, they are hoping for. The shops they chose, or could get, are smaller so you may see less drama there as well. As far as personalities go, you don’t really see any development in the trailer so that still remains to be seen. Personally I think my idea for a show is better so AMC get on the horn and give me a call ;-). See the trailer after the fold.  Continue reading

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So I Write and Enjoy It…

I wrote a post for the Advertising Week Social Club and it went live this morning. Sorry to add an extra step but they promote me so I want to promote them. Please visit the page and read some of the other amazing posts they have up there. It is truly an amazing community to be a part of and spreading the word can only help us expand.


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What Does GEICO Taste Like?

In a bizarre new ad campaign, GEICO apparently takes on taste testing ads to prove they are better than the competition. I get the idea but happen to agree with most critics in that there is a major disconnect between the brand and the idea. Plus they seem to be, kinda sorta, making fun of themselves in a way. Some of those taste test ads can be kind of ridiculous and force fed so I really expected there to be a different pay off, like it would be a competitor brand or something but then it was GEICO and I was confused. Not the best example of great advertising and, in fact, I am getting queezy thinking about it or maybe that was the chicken I had for lunch. See the ad after the fold.  Continue reading

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Another Goddamn Mad Men Post

Hi there folks and thanks for not fucking off like I told you to earlier. It’s Friday which means we are only 2 days away from Mad Men coming back on to TV and being disappointed when all the hype leads us to a season where they “jump the shark” and get Lucky Strike back or something similar that I’m not creative enough to think of right now. To add to the hysteria, much like when the Beatles landed in the US for the first time, there have been some creatives things focused on the show coming out like Mad Men: The Game.  This interactive YouTube video is a lot of fun and was clearly put together by a psychopath who loves Don Draper a little too much. Well if you’re into having fun and wasting time at work until happy hour starts watch the video and have smile a little it’s fucking Friday!  Continue reading

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An Arm Growing Out of Your Dogs Tail

Who thinks of these things anyway? Apparently the people at Intertone in Germany thought up an idea of having an arm grow out of your dogs tail. Yeah, you didn’t misread that. The tagline reads “the leash with liberties” yet I’m not sure what they were getting at because it still seems that the dog is struggling to get away, is that the idea? Even if the idea was clear these ads are creepy and I’ve been having nightmares about them since I saw them. My therapist said it’s because I ran over a dog a few months ago but I disagree. See the ads after the fold and I’m sure PETA is protesting it somewhere. Continue reading

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