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Real Dunder Mifflin Paper!

It was only a matter of time until the fake brand became somewhat real and actually offered a product that fans of The Office will eat up this holiday season. Although marketed through businesses, probably at the executives who don’t watch The Office so they wont get the joke, many of these reams will more than likely be purchased by their faithful followers. Coming out in time for the holiday and offered by the paper is as authentic as paper made by a fake company can be and is outfitted with the logo as well as famous taglines for DM used in the show. To further extend the campaign food trucks, not sure why they are still being called that, will be deployed to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to distribute free paper. Follow them on twitter (@DMPaperTruck) for all your paper needs.

source: AdFreak

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J. Lo Fakes It

Shocking but true! J. Lo apparently doesn’t love the Bronx as much as she claims as Fiat’s agency had to use a body double to shoot the street shots for her latest endorsement of their cars. Ahhhh so much credibility and it was so believable! I’m so upset by this news….riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

See the story below

Old Spice is at it Again

I have to say that I was growing a little tired of the Old Spice commercials, I got them they were funny at first but they started to become a parody of themselves. Although it is not their fault I also started to lose interest in them because they started a trend in weirdness(?) that has been stolen by many, many advertisers. The playful acting and randomness of the ads gave them an endearing quality and spoke truth, when want to be attractive to women even if that means you have to fool them into thinking you’re someone else. The most recent ad rolled out by Old Spice and their agency Wieden+Kennedy made me laugh and I actually have to admit I enjoyed it.  Continue reading

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The Key to Success. Treat People Like People

I’ve preached this before and I won’t stop, customer service is the key to a great company. So many businesses out there cut costs and outsource customer service so they can continue to show profit gains or to limit the losses that their company has incurred. While automated systems may help get you to the right department that’s all they should do. Talking to a machine with no emotion or ability to correctly identify the key problems is something that all consumers hate and do not want to suffer through. I speak from personal experience that when I hear an automated system coming on I know it’s just a waste of time and I immediately say “representative”. Why go through the process at all? It makes no sense to me.

In actuality I would recommend and become a return customer to any company that has actual human beings answering the phones and walking me through my problems.  Continue reading

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FedEx and their Silly Games!

I love stunts, well maybe this isn’t a stunt but it’s still pretty awesome. I can only imagine the preparation it took to set all this up and to watch it all unfold, I would also love to see how many takes it took to get the final cut. FedEx stepped outside a traditional :30 and made something happen that will stick in my mind for probably the next week, a great spot that deserves a better introduction than the one I just gave it. So without further delay, I give you FedEx Dominoes.

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Santa is Coming!!!

This ad for John Lewis retail stores is amazing and through the use of trickery, in the sense of plot line not digital enhancement or what have you, takes you on an emotional journey that ends with AWWWWW. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so without further ado I present to you the most sincere commercial I have ever seen in my life.

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American Apparel Steps Out of the Box with Sex Ads. Oh wait…zzzzzzzz

The age old debate of whether sex sells still rages in advertising and no one is more pro sex, even viagra and condom ads don’t go this far, than American Apparel. Known for their extremely risque, borderline pornographic, advertising this campaign is actually somewhat tame merely hinting at sex and not just showing half naked girls covering their boobs and bending over in front of the camera. (need evidence? take a gander at their website) Sure sex gets everyone’s attention but in this case, where they are trying to sell shoes, I believe they were aiming for the bulls-eye and hit the guy on the other side of the bar drowning his sorrows in a pint of Guinness. At no point was I looking at their feet and although it is well shot and definitely reflects AA’s voice if they added the word “shoes” under the brand name I believe the ad would’ve been so much better. Links after the fold… Continue reading

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Office Workers Allowed to Slack off with AT&T 4G

AT&T has had some hit or miss spots in recent memory from the dreaded radio contest lady to the unexpectedly hilarious taco party, they have been all over the map. The new spot, now famous for the “huh” guy, (of which, sadly, I just became aware of) tells the truth of what most people usually do in a boring office, avoid work at all costs. Taking somewhat of a risk with Blackberry, more because of their ties with corporations, the spot speaks directly to the consumer who is using their phone, sorry…mobile device, as a means of entertainment and not just as storage space for daily emails from Groupon. So get out there and get AT&T so you can start ignoring your boss in more ways than you thought possible! See the ad after the fold. Continue reading

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Michael Bay turns Video Game Trailer into Mini Movie

Lately theatrical video game trailers have been all the rage and now we are starting to see big time directors taking the helm and bringing them to the next level. One of those top tier directors is Transformers director Michael Bay who took the chair for Need for Speed: The Run. In typical Bay fashion there were tons of explosions, action and, surprisingly, plot in the 2-minute short that felt more like a mini movie than an actual trailer. If Bay ever needed a career after directing movies I think he can transition right into this field and not blink an eye. In a crowded market and short attention spans a two-minute trailer is hardly considered to be efficient let along effective but if more trailers are like this one…I’ll be watching for sure.  See the ad after the fold. Continue reading

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C3PO & R2D2 walk into a store…

Usually I’m not a fan of “celebrity endorsers” in advertising however, I was pleasantly surprised to see two of my favorite “celebrities” in an ad for Curry’s PC World Megastore. The use of R2D2 and C3PO is well executed given the products that the store sells and their, generally, inquisitive nature. Walking about the store the characters are exploratory and impressed with the electronics Curry’s features and there is even a little romance between R2D2 and a vacuum, implied of course. The endorsement is for Clone Wars 2, an extension of the Star Wars movie franchise, but it could’ve worked just as well if the only reason for the characters was to remind the masses that Star Wars is still relevant today. A good, not great, ad that I surely recommend watching. See it below… Continue reading

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