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Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cup

It was really only a matter of time until Dunkin’ Donuts joined the K-Cup fray and tried to ultimately dominate in-home coffee consumption. I have to say I am kind of excited to see if it matches up because I really don’t want to keep spending a fortune on iced coffee, but I will if I have to. Anyway, Dunkin’ Donuts recently started running ads for the product and even though I enjoy the ad and I like the concept of it, something was a little off. The idea was to bring the Dunkin’ Donuts experience home with you, they threw in some impressive graphic imagery and good copy but I just couldn’t place what it was.

Dunkin' Donuts at your house? Yes, PLEASE!

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Creepy or Inventive? Maybe A Little of Both

FX isn’t shy of controversial programming and have had great success putting out shows that follow that thought. Rescue Me, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Wilfred and the list goes on. In October of 2011 American Horror Story starts and, from what I’ve seen on commercials, this show will certainly be controversial, especially with one of the characters being latex-clad, reminescent of “The Gimp” in Pulp Fiction. (creepy) Starting off with an aggressive contest is always a smart way to gain traction and get people to pay attention to your show, even if it’s by scaring you to death! (see trailer below) Continue reading

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UPDATE – McgarryBowen’s First Burger King Spot

I posted the other day that the “Sharing is Caring” Burger King commercial was the first of the BK/mcgarrybowen relationship, this was an error. Below is a link to the first spot that mcgarrybowen is rolling out for the fast food chain.

mcgarrybowen says bye to the “King” and is focusing on re-branding the chain with its healthier menu options.

Why is Local Advertising So Bad?

We’ve been plagued by them for years, ads from a local car dealership or jewelry store that will, more than likely, make you laugh over taking it seriously and actually using their business. Bad acting, shoddy camera work an even worse script to boot, is this really what they are paying for? Continue reading

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…But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Easy to Share

Burger King has rolled out their new BK Mini ads and I am absolutely enamored with them. The use of humor is great which causes get recall, while reinforcing the fact that Burger King doesn’t take themselves to seriously. (I mean their corporate emails are! Yes, for real!) Not to mention the ad, which you can find below, features one of the best tag lines I have ever heard in my life! Burger King and CP+B, their former agency of record, had a long, great relationship, and they left it off with this gem! Burger King moves on to mcgarrybowen from here on out who gets creative duties for the “good food quickly” chain. Enjoy!

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Music Marketing and Turntable.FM

If you follow this blog, aside from being a brave soul, you know that I am obviously a fan of advertising and marketing but also enjoy speaking about the music industry and how, I believe, it can rebound from years of grueling losses. By embracing the same technology music industry executives detest, they can patch up the holes and right this ship to get it back to its glory days of sold out arena concerts, private jets and platinum records. I have discussed how the new video game Rocksmith will change the way people interact with music, I have talked about how Shazam should be used much more as a marketing tool than it currently is and today I will focus on Turntable.FM a new music streaming service that allows users to “spin” their favorite in chat rooms of like-minded people and how, I feel, it can change the way people discover, connect and share music with each other while making those bitter executives happy.

Image of a Turntable.FM Room

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Pudding Face Just Got A Little Creepier

The Infamous and Creepy "Pudding Face" Billboard

Having your finger on the pulse of the social media world is a good thing, especially in this day and age, but taking it THIS far may be a little crazy and, not to mention, creepy! Jell-O took their “Pudding Face” campaign further by constructing this billboard that is powered by emoticons used on Twitter. As the percentage of smiley faces [a.k.a : – )] on the platform goes up the smile gets bigger and vice versa. Creating an extension to their “Pudding Face” website, Jell-O has certainly turned a lot of heads and has drawn a ton of attention to themselves. Via the video below shows how a former Crispin Porter + Bogusky copywriter reacts when he finds out that his face was used for this massive project.  Continue reading

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Just Eat a Snickers with Peanut Butter? Stay Out of the Water!

In honor or “Shark Week” I needed to write something that tied into that and luckily this ad popped up on TV while I was watching. Good thing because I needed a piece for this blog and, honestly, this is one of my favorite ads running on TV right now, I wonder if it’s on during “Shark Week” too,  maybe Snickers PB is a sponsor? Anyway, this ad, created by roster agency BBDO, is hilarity at its finest due to the sheet ridiculousness of the concept of having sharks in a focus group talking about what human they thought tasted better. Due to Steve eating a Snicker Peanut Butter before being consumed, he was the winner, fins down (sorry). The ad is definitely memorable and hilarious, two keys to effective advertising, and finally put sharks in a good light! I’m sick of them always being seen as mean monsters of the sea! See the ad below. Continue reading

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