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Take That, Barista

Upon a trip to my favorite “indie” coffee shop, of course I am referring to Starbucks, I realized that some of the baristas have, somewhat, of an attitude or, better put, an sense of entitlement. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not shitting on people that work at Starbucks, hell I would work there if I needed to also, but please don’t think you’re better than me because I ordered a “Regular Large Coffee” from your establishment instead of using the appropriate dialogue set-forth by your company’s marketing department. With that being said, here’s to you, you angry, angry, angry barista.

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Beauty and the Beast Redone

In an interesting twist the popular Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” has been redone as a, well, ghetto version? Not sure if that is PC or not so please forgive my ignorance. Anyway, although odd, and not really sure of the reasoning, it’s refreshingly funny and smart. Bravo, Todrick Hall, your name is associated with the video so you’re getting the credit, on a piece well done and showing that even a classic can be messed with and made refreshingly brand new. Since “Beauty and the Beast” is in the Disney vault I’m glad I can get my fix this way.


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One Really Big Treadmill

I really enjoy when you get something unexpected in an ad and this is no exception. Puma does a great job setting you up by showing athletes they sponsor on a big treadmill all wearing their new evoSPEED shoes. As the treadmill speeds up you see each athlete get pulled off when they can’t keep up with the moving floor. Finally Rickie Fowler, of golf fame, is the last man running, that is, of course, until they pan to the right. Just when you think the tag is coming, BAM, Usain Bolt is the actual victor of the endurance/speed test. It gave me a nice little chuckle and it was the perfect way to end it and get that “nice” reaction all creatives want. The tag “run at the speed of Bolt” is really great too, well done, Droga5.

Advertising Agency: Droga5, USA
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Executive Creative Director: Nik Studzinski
Copywriter / Art Director: Erik HogfeldtPetter Hernmarck

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Oreo, Thank You

Oreo, I, for one, have to thank you for not buying in to the whole “oh no 100 or 10,000 people may boycott us so let us not show any type of real human emotion”. This is coming from a heterosexual male who feels that everyone should have the right to express themselves freely and not be judged based on their sexual preferences. It’s refreshing to see a brand take a stand for what they believe in despite droves of, how do I put this lightly…., morons. Also, thank you Buzzfeed for posting the responses and not blocking out the names of the people who posted homophobic rhetoric on Oreo’s social media feeds.

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Going Away



Who Doesn’t Love a Good Lube Ad?

Look at the title then look at the picture, there is really no need for a further explanation…

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What You Don’t See

Coca Cola deserves a round of applause for their creative use of security footage in a new campaign. The purpose of these cameras is to catch everything that goes on at any given moment with the goal of thwarting criminal activity. With the footage rolling continuously they are bound to catch some really interesting, genuine and heartfelt moments. Coca Cola took these moments and compiled them into a heartwarming video that bridges the gap from love and civility to bravery and selflessness. It’s an inspiring movement and, although I usually hate when brands throw their product in your face, especially in videos like these, I didn’t mind the way they got the soda machine in there, truthfully. Great video, easy watch and it may just make your day.


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This Will Make Your Day

Sometimes I like to post things other than ads and this is one of those times. If you’re as sadistic as me you will laugh, if not I fear you found the wrong blog. Here are kids getting completely owned by either their own stupidity or by someone else’s. Dumb kids are always fun to watch.

via Buzzfeed.

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