About Robert F. Peterson

Robert F. Peterson is a Research Analyst/Freelance Copywriter in New York City. His passion for Advertising and Marketing can be found through his social footprint and in “It’s a (M)Ad World”.  Robert takes on all topics related to these fields and infuses each post with his knowledge and his views on how he may change the direction or further a campaign. With his finger on the pulse of the industry Robert posts on all topics big or small and believes that his knowledge will help people learn more about this great industry we call advertising.

Robert is available for freelance work, guest blogging, social media consultation or friendly banter and/or chatter. Contact him any time at robertfpeterson@yahoo.com or follow him on twitter @robertfpeterson. His portfolio can be found at cargocollective.com/robertfpeterson and he is always looking for collaborations and members to join his boutique digital agency @robrobcreative.

One thought on “About Robert F. Peterson

  1. […] your company’s brand? This reminds me of My good friend and co-founder of RobRobCreative Robert F. Peterson (@robertfpeterson) blogged this very subject in his blog It’s a (M)ad World. Robert writes […]

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