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Best Slippery When Wet Sign Ever?

Really creative and also hilariously amazing. Gets the point across with unique design, unique in terms of the implementation, and will get people to actually read what it has to say, which is just being doubled considering the implication of what a banana peel is. A+ on design and thought and bonus points for making me think of people slipping which, for some reason, is absolutely hilarious to me.

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Typing Karaoke

This is pretty much the best thing since the invention of the keyboard and lonely people singing at bars trying to impress potential suitors.

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Pretty Awesome Picture

Yeah, I can be brash and probably argumentative at times but sometimes things make your heart melt and this is one of them.

ASPCA fire Sarah McLachlan, I’m pretty sure this picture will have us all wanting to adopt instead of that horrible, nightmare inducing song you play on those sad, sad commercials.

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In retrospect that title is quite ridiculous, but I do kind of like it so it’s staying. Sometimes inspiration is just as important as the advert itself which is why I am posting this video. A true collaboration of musical genres that usually don’t mix, at least in the eyes of their loyal fan bases. This is brilliant and I could watch this performance over and over again.

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Two Videos, Two Different Reasons to Smile

1) Because this guy is insanely crazy. Gotta love local TV ads. The concept may actually work, believe it or not. I do feel if you visit him and tell him you don’t want to buy a mobile home from him you will be jotted down on his “revenge” list like Steve Bushemi in Billy Madison. 

2) Because kids are awesome and when they laugh and are happy, people laugh and are happy. Except for that one guy on the subway who pulls down his New York Times just below his eyes to look at you judgmentally while your child has an authentically good time.

The last video isn’t an ad but it made me happy and smile, which I usually never do…

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Yeah so today got away from me but here is some shit I think is really cool/inventive/inspirational, you choose.

Chick-Fil-A, are you really that dumb?

Paper, sorry, Post-It Mario.

Try typing Z,X,Z,X to see if you can beat Usain Bolt.

Finally, something inspirational.

A Little Inspiration for You

It’s tough sometimes to find the motivation to push on and continue at something, especially if things seems to just not pan out the way you hoped. Meet Oscar Pistorius, a double leg amputee who will be running, yes running, in this year’s Olympic games in London. Let me say that again, Oscar Pistorius will be RUNNING in this year’s OLYMPICS, note not Paralympics but the grand-daddy of all athletic competitions. Oscar will be representing his country of South Africa in the 400 and 4×400 which means he beat out a TON of able-bodied men in order to make the team. I’m not sure if this helps you but knowing that someone has beat such odds makes me feel a little shitty for complaining about writing so I can build my portfolio. ::shameface::

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Hey there, read my post on inspiration on the Advertising Week Website.

Beauty and the Beast Redone

In an interesting twist the popular Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” has been redone as a, well, ghetto version? Not sure if that is PC or not so please forgive my ignorance. Anyway, although odd, and not really sure of the reasoning, it’s refreshingly funny and smart. Bravo, Todrick Hall, your name is associated with the video so you’re getting the credit, on a piece well done and showing that even a classic can be messed with and made refreshingly brand new. Since “Beauty and the Beast” is in the Disney vault I’m glad I can get my fix this way.


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What You Don’t See

Coca Cola deserves a round of applause for their creative use of security footage in a new campaign. The purpose of these cameras is to catch everything that goes on at any given moment with the goal of thwarting criminal activity. With the footage rolling continuously they are bound to catch some really interesting, genuine and heartfelt moments. Coca Cola took these moments and compiled them into a heartwarming video that bridges the gap from love and civility to bravery and selflessness. It’s an inspiring movement and, although I usually hate when brands throw their product in your face, especially in videos like these, I didn’t mind the way they got the soda machine in there, truthfully. Great video, easy watch and it may just make your day.


via theChive

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