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Trust Your Power

I will admit that motivational speeches, quotes, movies and the like always hit home with me, so it’s no surprise I love this ad featuring Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. In a two minute ad in which Willis tells his life story of determination and perseverance you get drawn in and don’t focus on the fact that it’s promoting a brand. I usually don’t like forced hashtags in advertisements unless they have a purpose and, in this case, #trustyourpower has just that. Now I have to trust the power to not cry in front of my boss after watching this for the 37th time.

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Woah, Promo

Yeah it’s got 9+ million views but what the hell I may as well throw it up here. DC Shoes joined forces with Ken Block in a ridiculous test of skill and precision in San Francisco. This video, which is 9 minutes long, grab some popcorn, features some of the best stunt driving I have ever seen and I’ve seen ALL of the Fast and Furious movies. Yes, unfortunately, I really have. Great stunt, great video, great product integration and this makes me want to get a 1992 Buick Regal and see if I can hit 60 MPH in it, I want to live!


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