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Advertising Through the Eyes of Someone who Hates Advertising

I currently have a picture drawn by Keith Haring as the background on my computer which spurred the conversation of other artists between a co-worker of mine and myself. He asked if I ever saw any of Don Hertzfeldt’s work to which I replied, “I’m not sure”. He directed me to one of his videos on YouTube and now I must say that if you have ever seen his work you could never reply with “I’m not sure”. Although this video is very long, it’s humorous and shows the vile hatred some artists have towards advertising and I’m sure this was Don’s stance against the 2nd oldest industry in America. Whatever side you take if you like fucked up creative things that will probably make you laugh out loud then re-evaluate what you are doing with your life watch it and enjoy! Video after the fold.  Continue reading


Of Course I Believe You Wendy’s

I can’t speak for everyone I know but if I’m looking for the freshest of all fish I’m taking my ass to the closest Wendy’s to get my fix. Where else can you get an oddly shaped piece of something that used to be alive, smother it with some sort of mixture of mayo and other ingredients and throw it on a bun? No where. Well actually that’s a lie because I’m confident that all fast food restaurants buy the same fish, from the same place, all at the same time. Yummmmm year old fish covered with a thick batter…what else could a seafood lover want?! Makes you want to quit your job and just eat fish fillets all day, doesn’t it? See the spot after the fold.  Continue reading

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Kayak is F’d Up

Remember that time you went in for brain surgery and you couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was fucking with you while you were under the knife? Well unless you were fondled, I’m pretty sure you can’t beat out this gentleman who was used to search for travel deals on Kayak by his surgeon. The doctor seems to not have a problem with it as he uses the man as a puppet to take care of any business. It’s not wrong, it’s called multi-tasking. The unbelievably, out of control agency Barton F. Graf 9000 created the spot and thank you for taking risks! See the spot after the fold.  Continue reading

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Unfortunate Ad Placements: Part II

The one thing you have to love about is that they take shots at all things sports including advertising on various sports websites. In their latest edition of “Mishaps in Online Advertising” we find ourselves on where the feature article is of Danica Patrick crashing her car at the Daytona 500 race track. Of course that isn’t funny, to me it is but I’m a jerk but to the rest of you “nice” people it isn’t, but the advertisement that was running at the time is what really sells the whole thing. The ad was for Nationwide Insurance and their vanishing deductible, not so bad right? Well just take a look at who is featured in the ad and you will see why it really is an unfortunate ad placement.

to the right a perfect example of why you need car insurance

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Queen Hits Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has been known to have some pretty weird ads. They enjoy bordering the weird and macabre while throwing in a touch of sexuality and a whole lot of wrong, weird mixes like men dressed in bunny suits riding an elevator. So when the band Queen hits one of their ads you would really think that the spot would be completely out of control and full of latex and chest hair but it’s surprisingly tame. Although the tagline “just the right amount of wrong” doesn’t really apply to this ad it still works for the aura surrounding Las Vegas and what people expect when they go there. Much to my surprise all the actors in this ad sing and act along to one of the greatest rock anthems of all time “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It’s a great spot that will last in your mind and features nothing of what you will actually see in Vegas…sweatpants, coffee stains and fanny packs. Enjoy the spot after the fold and watch your head when headbanging along. Continue reading

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Subliminally Telling Your Kids to get High?

A co-worker of mine sent me this video of probably the most annoying and outright insane ad ever created for children. Along with a ridiculously long drawn out song telling you the benefits of a fucking blanket someone decided to go ahead and say “let’s throw a creepy animal head on these things because we need our children to have nightmares every night”. If that wasn’t bad enough whoever designed it decided it would be hilarious to make these animals look high as shit. Ah America, the only place in the world where a product like this could be made and then probably thrown aside and sent to a third world country to be burned in a protest against capitalism. See the spot after the fold. Continue reading


Creative Throws a Temper Tantrum

Sorry guys this isn’t a viral video or anything of that nature just another ad for another award show that doesn’t reflect the actual work that will be put up for an actual award. It seems lately that the award show ads are lacking any creativity or flare which doesn’t make much sense to me considering it’s an ad for an award show so it should be really good, right? Imagine if the ad itself got a nomination? I think the world would explode! Of jealousy of course. This particular video shows what goes on behind close doors when a creative pitches his work to a ad exec who is speaking on behalf of the client. I personally can’t stand this ad but I’m sure some people, somewhere, probably outside of advertising and currently sitting at home in front of a TV watching QVC would really enjoy it. I will pay you $5 if you don’t want to punch this guy in the face by the end. Just kidding but I will send you a picture of a $5 bill if that helps. See the ad after the fold. Continue reading

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It’s an Arby’s Night

I’m filled with glee after reading about Arby’s taking their business to CP+B on Agency Spy! Not that I’m a huge fan of CP+B, although they did create one of the better closing lines I’ve heard in a long time with their last Burger King ad, but I know there will be some craziness and hopefully a lot of David Puddy. Oh God please give me some David Puddy spots and save him from the horribleness that is those Honda ads. If nothing else this should certainly bring in male customers who love crazy shit and what I would expect to be a whole ton of explosions and a sad sandwich of some sort. I think I just made their team…nice.

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Kayak is for Lovers

In the ever crowded travel scene it may be tough to differentiate between competitors which is why we usually find some pretty outlandish ads to go along with these companies branding strategies. Kayak has stepped up with an ad featuring a flare gun and two lovers playing some weird game of ring around the rosy. Although I did expect it to be a little more “out there” it is still a very odd spot and I can still remember it vividly but lets see if that continues throughout the day. Is there anything more romantic than randomly shooting flare into the ceiling causing the couple to be showered in sparkles? I’m pretty sure this was the original ending to Dirty Dancing. See the spot after the fold.  Continue reading

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This Got Approved

This video has been making the rounds and it deserves to because it is absolutely fucking crazy. Henry and Aaron who, thanks to AdFreak for filling me in, are former students of Central Institute of Technology, a leading school in Australia, created this bizarre and cautionary tale titled “It’s a Snap”. In this 2 minute promo video Aaron has the ability to teleport by snapping his fingers which leads the duo on a crazy journey that no one could ever experience. Throughout the spot we get to see the benefits of attending the school and how it will create a great environment for anyone who visits. But what is a good ad without a twist that will blow you away? Aaron eventually tempts fate too many times and ends up dying at the end which is a shame because I kind of liked that bloke, they say that in Australia right? Ad below.

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