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YoPlait is Doing Facebook Right

I usually loathe Facebook brand pages for the simple reason that it is just disgusting self promoting without engaging the connectivity Facebook offers. It’s simple, if people are visiting your page they want to know about your product and how it will benefit them, not about what your CEO did to make the company more money or to see an interview of the board of directors in The Economist. People crave engagement and want to see your product offering something other brands don’t and that is exactly what YoPlait is doing. Aside from being very consumer focused on their page, their community-engagement manager is a YoPlait user who often shares her thoughts on exercise and what she eats to stay healthy. Engagement with a real human being, who would’ve thunk it! Visit their page, explore and take some inspiration with you, assuming you are a brand yourself.

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For the Nostalgics Out There…Atari!

I really don’t care who is providing this great resurrection of gaming beauty but Atari is back, albeit redone but back nonetheless. You do have to sit through an advertisement before playing, we’ve all done that before to watch videos of dumb cats so this has a better pay off. The URL is from so I guess it’s a plug from them, hopefully they don’t think they can enter the console battle, online platforms seem to be an open market though. Developing.

In the meantime you can play these games here

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Excel, More than Just Numbers

Came across this amazing little gem, and being a research analyst who spends ALL of his time in Excel, minus the time on here and on the web, okay maybe it’s like 25% of my day, this was pretty damn impressive. An artist using excel to create masterpieces and using stop motion to animate. Pure genius and proof that Microsoft, albeit unintentionally, may have allowed someone to create something cool.


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Shoot the Serif

Gotta love creativity and this is right up there. Designers take your shot at killing off the Serif fonts but be sure not to take out any sans serif as they are not the culprit here. To The Point, an agency from the U.K., came up with the idea as an added bonus on their website, from what I can see. They also have some other fun games to play as well. Now if only every website could have such a friendly and fun user experience.


Via Adverveblog

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Like Tasteless Things?

No I’m not talking about Weight Watchers frozen dinners, I’m talking about Tasteless ads of course. The Chip Shop Awards, which I just discovered thanks to AdFreak, has released it’s nominations for the top ads of 2012. I love tasteless humor because it’s direct, honest and gets a cheap laugh, depending on who you are showing it to. Now that I know my horrible sense of humor can get me an award I will be submitting work for 2012, anyone interested? It’s hilarious, it’s wrong and it’s everything I ever wanted out of advertising. Check them out here.

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How Fast Do You Read?

Via Buzzfeed

This interesting test pits you against the world in a reading exam that is reminiscent of an 8th grade test and much like those I may as well have failed this one as well. It’s worth doing it, I’m not sure where the excerpt is from because I was crying that my  reading abilities weren’t as good as I usually brag about. Test yourself, my favorite are the stats at the end and it provides interesting stats about e-readers available at Staples. Well done, now who is the agency?


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Throwback Tuesday…You’re right, Thursday would sound better

ESPN has some of the best advertising out there for Sportscenter, here are a few of my favorite. I don’t think I need to dive in any more, just enjoy the hilarity.

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The Future is Now

Adverve, which is a great site for all these crazy advertising things, posted a video by showing how Facebook would be if we were, say, in the 1980’s. This great “reductionalist”, as I guess this movement is being referred to, video is reminiscent of one of those after school specials your geometry teacher used to make you watch if she was hung over or just got her tenure and was only doing the work for the paycheck. It’s hilarious and it’s production is priceless, I would’ve preferred a better voiceover but I’m just being picky now. Adverve is also very smart and embedded the video so run over there and watch immediately!!!!

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Another Goddamn Mad Men Post

Hi there folks and thanks for not fucking off like I told you to earlier. It’s Friday which means we are only 2 days away from Mad Men coming back on to TV and being disappointed when all the hype leads us to a season where they “jump the shark” and get Lucky Strike back or something similar that I’m not creative enough to think of right now. To add to the hysteria, much like when the Beatles landed in the US for the first time, there have been some creatives things focused on the show coming out like Mad Men: The Game.  This interactive YouTube video is a lot of fun and was clearly put together by a psychopath who loves Don Draper a little too much. Well if you’re into having fun and wasting time at work until happy hour starts watch the video and have smile a little it’s fucking Friday!  Continue reading

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Fan of Minimalism?

Came across this website earlier today thanks to my friends, although they don’t return my calls, at Ad Freak. The site is named Hipster Branding but I don’t necessarily agree with the title but hey, who the fuck am I? Anyway it is really part of the minimalist movement we are seeing that features brands being stripped down to it’s core as well as movie posters and other pieces of advertising and marketing and in some instances art. Overall my favorite, as of right now, is the one for Kentucky Fried Chicken and it’s mostly because it features a mustache. Take a look, get inspired and then call a hipster over so he can tell you about a different Tumblr account that has less logos than this one. Link

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