Monthly Archives: December 2010

PDA: Public Displays of Attention

Sorry for the sad attempt at humor in the title, but a recent marketing/advertising campaign that took place at Herald Square in New York City was exactly what the title suggests. This campaign was one put together to promote the new Mini Countryman, the company’s first ever 4-door car. When walking through Herald Square, during the one week run, you came across a giant snow globe that housed the new Mini vehicle. (There was another installation on the 3rd Street Promenade in Los Angeles) This snow globe attracted many eyes and more importantly gained much exposure for the Mini brand. Continue reading

Product Placement on TV: Does it Hurt or Help?

If you’re anything like me there is nothing like laying in bed turning on the tube and enjoying your favorite TV show. The worst part? To most it’s advertisements, time to grab a drink or snack, play a round of Angry Birds, log on to Facebook or Twitter etc. To me and a select few it’s a great time to see new products or trends in creative advertising and enjoy an extension of our favorite show. But how do you connect with those who are part of the majority that ignore and tune out these ads? These are the people you are paying the big bucks to reach, they are your core demographic, they are influencers who will turn small profits into huge profits. Now it’s time to get creative.  Continue reading

Looking to Get Emotion from your Audience? Don’t be “Corny”

Today at lunch I was staring at the TV when a commercial for a certain coffee product came on. Due to it currently being the holiday season the idea of this ad was to pull the audience in with a touching story of a family reuniting. Dancing a fine line this product took a risk at engaging the consumer and being seen as a product that is the perfect beverage to consume while a family sits around and catches up. Continue reading