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Trust Your Power

I will admit that motivational speeches, quotes, movies and the like always hit home with me, so it’s no surprise I love this ad featuring Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. In a two minute ad in which Willis tells his life story of determination and perseverance you get drawn in and don’t focus on the fact that it’s promoting a brand. I usually don’t like forced hashtags in advertisements unless they have a purpose and, in this case, #trustyourpower has just that. Now I have to trust the power to not cry in front of my boss after watching this for the 37th time.

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YoPlait is Doing Facebook Right

I usually loathe Facebook brand pages for the simple reason that it is just disgusting self promoting without engaging the connectivity Facebook offers. It’s simple, if people are visiting your page they want to know about your product and how it will benefit them, not about what your CEO did to make the company more money or to see an interview of the board of directors in The Economist. People crave engagement and want to see your product offering something other brands don’t and that is exactly what YoPlait is doing. Aside from being very consumer focused on their page, their community-engagement manager is a YoPlait user who often shares her thoughts on exercise and what she eats to stay healthy. Engagement with a real human being, who would’ve thunk it! Visit their page, explore and take some inspiration with you, assuming you are a brand yourself.


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Hot Wheels: Make Pretend, Now Reality

Anyone who has ever played with Hot Wheels, or Matchbox, toy cars has pretty much done some kind of crazy stunt with the car that, at the time, would be physically impossible. Let alone the long drops that left the cars unscathed that would ultimately, if it were real life, lead to disastrous consequences with at least 15 people dead, good thing they made ambulances too. In a world of make pretend we can make these bit sized automobiles do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, wherever we wanted, if you can’t tell I was obsessed with these toys. Now Hot Wheels is bringing those fantasies to reality with jaw dropping stunts and are keeping it real by making sure to include their trademark orange ramps.

This is a great example of where advertising is heading and, if so, I am completely on board with this. I really don’t want to clump two thoughts together in this post but here is a link for some really cool packaging stunts that will also lead advertising into the new age. It’s not all about Facebook and Twitter people, it’s about getting people to discuss YOUR product on Facebook and Twitter without being forced to do so.

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Hot Pockets Have Better Packaging Than You!

I was introduced to pocket/packet-vertising via Taco Bell and I have noticed it on a lot more products recently. It’s a great way to show your softer side and an ever better way to get people to talk about your product. I came across this post on theChive (what else is new) and it’s a great way to show a connection, and is even a better case study, that you can have with your clients.

Hot Pockets, you win

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John Clayton is a Thug

If you’re a fan of ESPN you will know who John Clayton is before you even started watching this ad, which is why it is so successful.

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Best Beer Ad…EVER!

There are really no words to express how amazingly, insanely, perfectly, awesome this collage of awesomeness really is. Well maybe there is, I just don’t have the correct wording. Carlton Draught has put together one of the best beer ads ever, maybe one of the best ads ever. 

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Sharpie Draws Jealousy

This work is simply amazing, so amazing, in fact, that I will actually post all 4 of the ads here and not make you find them yourselves.

Art Work = Amazing

Idea = Amazing

Me = Jealous

You =

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr.Cassio Zanatta
Copywriter / Art Director: Adriano Alarcon
Illustrator: Rabiskeria
Photographer: Paulo Barros
Typography: Laura Texeira
Retouchers: Rodrigo CortezFábio Vido
Art Buyers: Tina Castro, Gisele Miranda, Daniel Gonçalves
Account Supervisor: Nilton Bonini
Account Manager: Luciana Ribeiro
Planners: Pedro Cruz, Cinthia Kim, Pedro Schneider
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Jessica Gonzalez
Published: April 2012

via: Ads of the World

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Like a TV Remote

An ad by Saatchi & Saatchi in Sweden promotes Remote Control defense in an attempt to promote Boxer TV. The ad is hilarious, the way it is shot it’s almost like a promotional video for a real defense course. It’s a great premise because no one likes to give up the remote, especially when they are watching Blossom and they doze off, you are still absorbing all that goodness in your slumber. It’s engaging and really funny until the tag and the weird looking Boxer TV guy comes in to talk about the product, there was no need for it, at all. If he was a student and that was his defense I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more but alas this is what we have to deal with.

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Take That, Barista

Upon a trip to my favorite “indie” coffee shop, of course I am referring to Starbucks, I realized that some of the baristas have, somewhat, of an attitude or, better put, an sense of entitlement. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not shitting on people that work at Starbucks, hell I would work there if I needed to also, but please don’t think you’re better than me because I ordered a “Regular Large Coffee” from your establishment instead of using the appropriate dialogue set-forth by your company’s marketing department. With that being said, here’s to you, you angry, angry, angry barista.

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One Really Big Treadmill

I really enjoy when you get something unexpected in an ad and this is no exception. Puma does a great job setting you up by showing athletes they sponsor on a big treadmill all wearing their new evoSPEED shoes. As the treadmill speeds up you see each athlete get pulled off when they can’t keep up with the moving floor. Finally Rickie Fowler, of golf fame, is the last man running, that is, of course, until they pan to the right. Just when you think the tag is coming, BAM, Usain Bolt is the actual victor of the endurance/speed test. It gave me a nice little chuckle and it was the perfect way to end it and get that “nice” reaction all creatives want. The tag “run at the speed of Bolt” is really great too, well done, Droga5.

Advertising Agency: Droga5, USA
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Executive Creative Director: Nik Studzinski
Copywriter / Art Director: Erik HogfeldtPetter Hernmarck

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