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USPS Launches New Ad Promoting Service

In an effort to boost revenue, the ailing United States Postal Service is pulling out all the stops and reminding people that paper is the way to send messages. Through the tired use of cliches this ad focuses on the uncertainty that looms out there on the internet. “Refrigerators never got hacked” one line claims and the others keep on coming. The spots overall aren’t horrible, they rely on the sentiment one feels when receiving an actual envelope in the mail or the security you feel when you have a receipt or physical bill. Personally, I liked this campaign better, but what can you do. Something seems a little too familiar in these ads and I think I finally pinned it down. The way the VO is read and the actors voice sound very familiar to the iPhone ads that are currently running. See for yourself! Continue reading

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Tor Myhren Speaks at TED

I love all things advertising, including the people who run the shops. Tor Myhren, who, honestly, I just found out about (eek!), gave this speech at a TED conference at Denver University. The speech is great and inspiring, touching on all points of the creative process and how his shop, Grey, came up with the E-Trade baby campaign that is extremely successful. His point is basically that everyone is creative and sometimes it’s just doing dumb or simple things that will elicit a response. Tor also battled the fact that, based on a study of a child’s creativity, when put into an environment where we are constantly being watched and judged creativity falls. In a day and age where we need creativity, the “creative quotient”, as Tor put it, is falling. Innovation needs to be at its highest level for the United States to pull out of this recession and being watched constantly is preventing that. I don’t want to give too much away, this speech is great and something that everyone, creative or not, should watch and take notes on. Hope you enjoy it and please comment. I would love to get everyone’s take on it.  Continue reading

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Winklevoss Wonderful Pistachios Ad

Wonderful Pistachios have very inventive ways of creating ads that feature celebrities cracking their nuts in a variety of ways. This time they have really stepped up their game allowing the Winklevoss twins to take a shot, and make light, of their past battles with Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. In a comedic way the twins find a new method to crack the pistachio nuts open and joking ask if anyone would steal their idea. Great fun! See the ad below.  Continue reading

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David Puddy: From Selling Saab to Pitching Honda

It looks like Patrick Warburton (known for many roles, one being David Puddy on Seinfeld) has ditched is old job at Saab (Seinfeld reference) and joined with Honda to be their pitchman. Seeing Mr. Warburton instantaneously had me waiting for a lot of dry humor and quip-like comments, however that was to no avail. While the ads focus is primarily on their awards and great standing in the marketplace, I feel they missed their mark. There were parts that were humorous but I feel they didn’t deliver what they intended. His dry personality could have been put to much better use and, although clever, I feel they have to step it up a little more to have this be considered a good campaign. What do you think? Continue reading

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Don’t Steal from this Kid

KRAFT has started a series of commercials where kids are getting their Dad’s back for stealing their Mac & Cheese every night at dinner. From selling their golf clubs and expensive jewelry at the local pawn shop to calling the cops, these kids are out for vengeance and are teaching their Dad’s a lesson they wont soon forget. In this particular spot the protagonist is inspired by Career Day when a Police Officer is making a speech about stealing. He proposes a question and gets the answer he wanted. That night at dinner his dad goes in for his typical helping of his sons  Mac & Cheese when he learns a life lesson, made all the better by his sons smirk which radiates pure delight. Priceless.

See ad below

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Blatant Product Endorsements

So here I am watching Ridiculousness, which is pretty funny btw (no problem Rob Dyrdek you can send me a check any time), and all of a sudden they come up with this Bing promotion that slaps the viewer in the face. Although, somewhat inventive (personally I would’ve went with the screen shot) it took away from the show when Mr. Dyrdek actually did a mention of the popular search engine. UGH!

There are two things wrong with this.  Continue reading

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Look, Look With Your Special Eyes

Gotta say I love 1-800-CONTACTS and this ad, although pretty old now, is one that has me laughing. Through the use of inventive copy and ridiculous, over the top, soap opera esque, acting they drive home the point that their brand is the best source to get contacts from. While proving to the world that they carry all types of contacts for all types of eyes, even “special” ones, they do so without slandering their competition and through the use of humor. I personally love how disappointed the man is that they have his brand of contacts despite his uniqueness. It’s sad almost, but in a funny way. The spokesperson at the end randomly on the couples couch puts the icing on the cake and makes this ad an instant classic! See the ad below.  Continue reading

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