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Do Dogs Chase Cats?

I’m not gunna lie, GEICO ads as of late have been lacking in the humor and creativity department. From the “Two to Tango” spot to the horrible “Rolling Stone” radio spot I was ready to give up on the “Rhetorical Question” campaign. Just as I was at the end of my rope, the best of the “Rhetorical Question” spots came out and I am fully invested again!

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Repeat, I Said Repeat!

I’m sure everyone that is reading this has had this said to them in some variation “if you repeat something 12 times in a row you will remember it forever”. Of course this generally applied to every day things such as, phone numbers, addresses, names, you get the point. For the most part it worked pretty well, at least in my experience, and I can remember numerous instances where I would employ this method and bam! I had it in my brain forever! But like all good things when used in the wrong way it becomes  ridiculously annoying! Point and case, just watch below.

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Creating Word of Mouth

I think it is a foregone conclusion that the best form of promotion is word-of-mouth. Generally the person telling you to do, watch or buy something is someone you trust and consider a great source of information. Generating word-of-mouth promotion is not easy and sometimes it can be from something completely random and un-inventive (i.e. snuggie). However every advertisement’s goal is to create buzz, which is why many campaigns involve influential people like celebrities, sports personalities, etc. Of course a celebrities endorsement carries a ton of weight because they already have a built-in fan base that adores them and is obviously influenced by them. But, in my opinion, I feel many marketers are missing the point, if a celebrity is telling someone to buy something, they are just going out to buy it and that is it. But if you make someone, by their own will, go out to buy something they will spread the word to their peers and the cycle will continue and the word will spread (i.e. snuggie). And if you have a great product to offer, they will tell everyone in their social network, through Twitter, Facebook and so on. Continue reading

What’s in a Logo, or Name

The other night I was out with a group of friends and my girlfriend’s brother and I started talking about logos. He mentioned that he went to a “self-marketing” workshop and on the projector they started showing companies logos and the crowd was to respond with their tagline. They got through a few, for example the Nike “swoosh” to which everyone responded “Just Do It”, however when they got to Apple most people said “innovation” to which the instructor said “wrong”. Continue reading

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Sprint Doing it Right through Text, Email etc.

I am in love with the new campaign that Sprint is currently running for their unlimited call, text and data plan. It’s smart, creative and most importantly, to me, funny! Their creative team really grasped the fact that people love to share information, good or bad, with everyone all the time through all channels. Through some wacky situations, Sprint fully embraces what it is to be connected and how easy it is to be so on their network. One example of this campaign is below, which shows a woman breaking up with her boyfriend various ways on her phone.

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When Copy Goes too Long

If there is one thing I can’t stand in advertising its when copy goes too long in an attempt to be funny with that last one-liner. It’s even worse when the one-liner provides absolutely no comedic value and thus ruins the whole ad and leaves a bad taste in the viewers mouth. Didn’t these copywriters learn anything from George in Seinfeld?! When you hit your peak, make an exit, leave ’em laughing. A good impression leaves people wanting more and a bad impression makes people turn off your commercial, which is exactly what I do when these two commercials come on my TV.  Continue reading

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