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When Bad Copy is Good

We’ve all been there, watching TV and all the sudden one of those horrible local ads come on, you reach for the remote but, OH NO! it’s too late you already have that annoying jingle in your head. Most of us will say this ad is so annoying, I can’t stand listening to that music or watching that horrible acting or hearing those cliché sales pitches! But there is something interesting that happens, you still recall the ads and whether you like it or not, you think about that business when you need what their business provides. So is bad copy actually good for the client? Continue reading

Are These Brands Sexist?

We all know that there is a fine line between “playing it safe” and “walking on thin ice” especially when your brand is targeted toward a specific gender, race, age etc. It’s easy to offend and difficult, if not impossible, to please everyone but smart copy and marketing generally prevail and get you as close to pleasing 100% of your consumers as possible. I have to start this post off by saying – I’m usually not an advocate for political correctness (I agree with political correctness, I just don’t have a huge stance on it) or someone who jumps to conclusions to make my point heard. Now,with that being said, I do have an issue with two ads that are current running for two major brands, Bounty and Pledge. Continue reading

Great Website…If You’re into Advertising

If any of you get the AdRants (shoutout!) newsletter or read their blog daily you may have seen a recent post (actually not seen by me but a co-worked, Greg, who then forwarded it to me) in which they mentioned a Tumblr account named “Things People Don’t Say About Advertising“. If you haven’t seen this website I highly recommend visiting it, after you read this post of course ;-). The concept behind this website is to point out the “not so obvious” attempts by advertisers to connect with their consumers and what they expect said consumer to do after they view their advertisement. The best part of the site is that you can be a contributor by submitting your own gripe or observation and, if approved, it will then be shared with the world. (I myself have submitted quite a few…still waiting for one to be posted :-(…fingers crossed) To the common fan it is merely a way to get back at those “know it all” advertisers and marketing executives and get a good chuckle at how ridiculous some of their ideas really are. But can this be used as a way for those same executives to see how their most recent campaign is being received? Continue reading

It’s Great for TV but…How ‘Bout Radio?

As I was driving home last night I heard a familiar voice come through the radio. It wasn’t a DJ or a famous celebrity, plugging a horrible product, but  it was the new GEICO, ummm, spokesperson(?) Mike McGlone posing one of his now famous rhetorical questions.

Mike McGlone

Now I have to say that I love this ad campaign, I think it’s one of the most comical and clever campaigns running and it makes the ever so boring business of car insurance, dare I say, fun?! But as I was listening all I could think, as I shook my head in disbelief, was, “wow, this reeeeeeeeeealy doesn’t transfer well from TV to radio”. Continue reading

Allstate’s Doing it Right with “Mayhem”

If you’re anything like me you enjoy that fact that you can see a somewhat unknown actor on a TV ad and try to impress your friends by telling them where you know him/her from. So imagine how psyched I was when all the sudden Dean Winters a.k.a Ryan O’Reily appeared as “Mayhem” in the current Allstate ad campaign.


Dean "Mayhem" Winters


I immediately shouted with joy “O.M.GEE I know him from ‘Oz’!” to which my girlfriend politely responded “Okayyyyyyy”. Clearly she doesn’t share the same enthusiasm or excitement to show-off her vast knowledge of actors from popular HBO shows. (She did get excited though when she realized the ad (pictured above) was shot at Broadway Mall on Long Island)Due to the fact that ‘Oz’ was one of my favorite shows of all time Allstate had me hooked from the start! But don’t let my love of this prison series fool you, I am a sucker for great advertising and an even bigger fan of great copywriting! Continue reading

Creative Agency in Review? Ask Your “Fans” What to do!

Anyone in advertising and marketing knows that it is commonplace for a company to put its current buying, creative, or marketing agencies in review when they feel their incumbent shop isn’t working up to their standards. Like anything, marketing campaigns can become stagnant and boring and in some cases have an adverse effect on the people you are marketing to, think…Burger King. You know that creepy guy in the mask, funny for a while but eventually it just got too weird so they had to fizzle him out of their television ads. When companies put their agencies into review they have a bidding war for who will take over their marketing and advertising duties, they then dwindle down the competition and of course choose either a new shop or to stay with the incumbent if they can show improvements to their client. Continue reading