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Hot Pockets Have Better Packaging Than You!

I was introduced to pocket/packet-vertising via Taco Bell and I have noticed it on a lot more products recently. It’s a great way to show your softer side and an ever better way to get people to talk about your product. I came across this post on theChive (what else is new) and it’s a great way to show a connection, and is even a better case study, that you can have with your clients.

Hot Pockets, you win

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Propaganda, Redux

Although I could probably go on for a while about my political views I will save that for a different forum as this is not the intention of this blog. I do believe, however, that these posters are amazingly well done and have a distinct and clear focal point that will raise eyebrows and draw attention to the potential movement that may occur. Jeff Gates has re-purposed WWII posters as a means to communicate, what he feels, are issues in our current government and how we [the people] can stand up and fight for something we believe in.

His Chamomile Tea Party Posters can be found here, the organizations website here.



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Ms. Lovato, Not Everyone Likes You

Demi Lovato is someone who I am not really that familiar with but I have heard her name multiple times and, I’m sure, at some point I have heard some of her music, but I can’t say I enjoyed it. I do have to say that maybe they, meaning the X-Factor producers, should pick people who have recruited and cultivated talent to the point of success. That being said, I’m not defending this guy, but I always enjoy when “celebrities”, who have unnecessary egos, get owned in front of millions of people. Enjoy!

via buzzfeed


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Craigslist, Thank You

My friend was looking for stuff on the internet, I’m not really sure why a rabbit made it into the search queue, but alas here it is.

#1: FRE RABBIT. I’m not really sure how you spell Free wrong, but she is friendly so all is forgiven.


#2 Table for sale: Starts off like any other listing, but then the seller becomes a comedy writer. If you live alone and are sad most of the time you may want to skip this

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Shark Week

I’ve never been a fan of Shark Week in the conventional sense. I usually say, “oh, look at that Shark Week is back I should set my DVR or something”. I say that, don’t mean it and therefore never watch any of it. But maybe, just maybe, if Shark Week turned into this, I would watch every gosh darn second of it.

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So We Are Copying a Guy from 1917

I was trolling Buzzfeed looking for a good article to post some long-winded rant about baby penguins when I came across this gem. As it turns out some old guy in 1917 used OMG for the first time in print. Take that all you texting teenagers and don’t get me started on adorable baby penguins!


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Music Marketing

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an idea I’ve had for marketing purposes but I feel that I really came across something that is beneficial and practical.

Sports. Yes, sports is where I am taking this music idea I have. Sometimes it’s just background noise, but music is a big part of the ambiance of a stadium when there are lulls in the game or there is a commercial break or any other type of break. The idea is simple, keep people involved, keep them interested and most of all keep them in the seats because that, obviously, leads to more concession sales. Music is also used a lot in one particular sport, Baseball. Continue reading

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Internet, You Win

Somewhere deep down there has to be a product or service that can use this as an ad. I got it! Do those MIB mind eraser things really exist?

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Woah, Promo

Yeah it’s got 9+ million views but what the hell I may as well throw it up here. DC Shoes joined forces with Ken Block in a ridiculous test of skill and precision in San Francisco. This video, which is 9 minutes long, grab some popcorn, features some of the best stunt driving I have ever seen and I’ve seen ALL of the Fast and Furious movies. Yes, unfortunately, I really have. Great stunt, great video, great product integration and this makes me want to get a 1992 Buick Regal and see if I can hit 60 MPH in it, I want to live!


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