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Livin’ Huge

If you’re an agency dork like me you typically follow shops and their culture. Luckily today, while on Adverblog, I came across a video that shows how DUMBO based Huge operates on a day to day basis. To say I am jealous of the environment they get to work in is an understatement, hell I’d clean their cubicles just to hang out there. From the looks of the video they are all one big family, sorry for the horrible cliched line, who work well together because they are treated right and get to do, what appears to be, whatever the fuck they want, as long as they get the work done of course. Huge is growing to new heights and the Brooklyn based shop is on everyone’s radar. I’m going to try and sneak in one day and be like Kramer but hopefully they start paying me instead of just allowing me to hang around. See the video after the fold, if you work at Huge call me! I want a job! Continue reading

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Inspiration from All Over

I’m not always sure what makes people want to sit down and edit, what must be, hours and hours of video but I’m sure glad I get to see the end result. Thanks to a post on Buzzfeed, I came across a video game compilation that may be mocking, but probably not, a typical sports movie montage that is meant to inspire and does it ever. I give the person who made this a lot of credit and the editing is amazing and, true to the title of the Buzzfeed article, it is actually quite moving, not just because I am getting older but because I can remember how it felt to finally beat a video game board after eating a full can of Pringles and 13 sodas. Video after the fold.  Continue reading

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It Ain’t Easy Living in Chi Town

New Era, you slay me. The fan battles continue as this time it’s the classic Chi Town rivalry of the White Sox and Cubs. Whose side are you on?


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Oh Boy, This Could be Bad

Apparently some geniuses decided to make a camera that can actually describe the scene it just caught on film. While Adverve was much nicer in it’s write up of the product, describing it as a perfect way to keep track of your vacation, I won’t be, I want to know what it would be like during a porn shoot. Alright, in all seriousness, this is a pretty cool device that could have some interesting sights into things that we may not notice in pictures.

So be warned photobombers! Once this device catches you and takes 3 hours to print out that they found you on it’s dot-matrix printer it will be quickly deleted, so :-P.

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Let’s See James Bond do This

Tang, yes Tang that leaves a taste of dry chalk in your mouth because you didn’t stir the water enough beverage, launched a new product and introduced it in a very unusual way. Being that the name of the product was Tang Re-Mix they made sure to get the mix part right. By branding and installing unspillable (not a real word) cups they had kids take packets of tang with them as they got onto a roller coaster, see where the mix part comes in? Kids are sugar freaks so it was a safe bet they would join in on the fun. They slapped a camera to the front car and then launched the roller coaster to show the benefits of mixing this drink. For bonus points you get to see some kids scared shitless. When the ride is over, the drink is ready and now you have a kid so high on sugar they make Courtney Love in the 90’s look sober. Inventive, intuitive and very smart in the way they launched this product to their core demo, bravo! See the ad after the fold. Continue reading

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If You Pissed Gold it Wouldn’t be this Impressive

Wow. That’s all I can really say here. I have written in the past about ads being so bad that they are actually good and this is the prime example.

Line of the ad “people who go to prison have never been roller skating”. That’s pure copywriting gold people.

There is nothing else to say, you MUST watch this. Continue reading

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Google Almost Made Me Cry, No Joke

I don’t usually like to admit that things make me emotional but this video was actually really touching. It’s impressive how Google, unlike Bing, can subtly advertise itself while really hit the core emotions that all, well almost all, humans share. By showing the power of the internet, and how to use it in creative ways, you can tell a story and, in this case, make you plea to a past love. It is really heartwarming and amazing and, although present, not completely contrived or force fed. While promoting themselves they are also promoting to live your life and capture and share the moments that mean the most to you. While most people hate advertising because of it’s “intrusive nature” if they watched this, I feel, they would be happy to watch more like these. It’s time to step up your game, advertisers. It’s not all about product placement and forced corporate imagery, it’s about connections and creativity and conveying a true and honest message. See the spot after the fold.  Continue reading

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Old Spice, New Trick

It often runs through my mind on whether or not W+K allows their creatives to smoke the reefer or perhaps they simply hand out acid to them, I don’t know I’m not a doctor. Whether this extreme case is true or not they should continue doing what they are doing with Old Spice. The ads are hilarious, random and all around out of control which, let’s face it, is pretty much the key to marketing toward men. The only thing I don’t agree with is breaking up with Heather Graham because, well hmmmm…how do I put this, having her in that roller girl outfit would make me very happy. Cheers to another great addition to the Old Spice work and a great comeback from, in my opinion, the worst of this run in the ocean/captain ad. The tag “I believe in my Smelf” is amazingly simple and so great that I can actually see this catching on and becoming something people use in conversation (aka the holy grail). See the spot after the fold.  Continue reading

Should Hitler Really be Selling Things?

Went to Copyranter’s new home today and came across his list of 19 ads that feature Hitler selling products. In all of its fucked-upedness, the end result is usually pretty humorous and something that will stick with you. Obviously the mustache was pretty much the selling point so I don’t know why the Michael Jordan Hanes airplane ad wasn’t on there.

Sometimes taking so risks are worth it and, for the most part, these ads were all pretty good and memorable. Well done you fucked up, insensitive assholes! I would hire you any day.

Link to article here

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Stop and Look

As someone who is working as a Research Analyst while trying to break into the ad industry as a Copywriter I always appreciate when an agency does their due diligence during their conception phase. In an effort to thwart sex trafficking “Stop the Traffik” and their agency,  Duval Guillaume Modem, from the Netherlands, set up dancing windows where women usually lure men in and turn on the red light. Instead this time they had a choreographed number set up to perform for those who walked by that area. At the end of the dance everyone applauds the effort until the twist comes and leaves everyone feeling pretty fucking shitty. The look of horror as they read the billboard promoting the stop of human trafficking is wonderful and the reaction should be seen by all. Great creative work promoting something so horrible in a way that will stick in the viewers mind.

Link to video

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