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Skipping the All-Star Game, Bad Move?

When all is said and done athletes become a brand in and of themselves once they garner attention for their on (and off) the field actions. Tiger Woods knows this all too well when his promiscuous lifestyle lost him prestigious sponsorships and millions of dollars. Of course when he was the #1 golfer in the world every major advertiser was vying for his attention and endorsement of their product due to his fame and vast popularity. But what happens when an athlete skips out on an event that is more for the fans than anything else? Although I am a little late posting this I still feel it is relevant to talk about players skipping out on their respective sports “All-Star” games and what that does to their reputation.  Continue reading

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AT&T Promotes Cheating?

Woahhhhhhhhhhhh, not that kind of cheating! Get yer mind outta that gutter! Yes, I am quite pleased with myself on that one, thanks!

AT&T is on a mission to really drill home that you can talk on their phone and surf the internet at the same time unlike their competitors over at Verizon. In this TV ad they prove how easy and effective it is by having a woman call into a radio station to win a contest. Despite a room full of prizes the woman still claims that she has never won when the DJ says “…you sound familiar, have you won before?”. After searching for the answer, of course it comes up super quick [unlike in real life], she wins the prize and has a choice of many options, all of which she has already. Including Edgar Winter!! [click to see the ad]

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