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Bad Ad Placement

Well I haven’t done this in a while and today Copyranter came out with a good one so I am stealing it to put it up here. Nothing beats bad ad placements and it’s even better because some geek out there that developed the algorithm to auto generate targeted ads thought he solved all of digital advertising’s problems.


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Two Videos, Two Different Reasons to Smile

1) Because this guy is insanely crazy. Gotta love local TV ads. The concept may actually work, believe it or not. I do feel if you visit him and tell him you don’t want to buy a mobile home from him you will be jotted down on his “revenge” list like Steve Bushemi in Billy Madison. 

2) Because kids are awesome and when they laugh and are happy, people laugh and are happy. Except for that one guy on the subway who pulls down his New York Times just below his eyes to look at you judgmentally while your child has an authentically good time.

The last video isn’t an ad but it made me happy and smile, which I usually never do…

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Yeah so today got away from me but here is some shit I think is really cool/inventive/inspirational, you choose.

Chick-Fil-A, are you really that dumb?

Paper, sorry, Post-It Mario.

Try typing Z,X,Z,X to see if you can beat Usain Bolt.

Finally, something inspirational.

Sharpie Draws Jealousy

This work is simply amazing, so amazing, in fact, that I will actually post all 4 of the ads here and not make you find them yourselves.

Art Work = Amazing

Idea = Amazing

Me = Jealous

You =

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr.Cassio Zanatta
Copywriter / Art Director: Adriano Alarcon
Illustrator: Rabiskeria
Photographer: Paulo Barros
Typography: Laura Texeira
Retouchers: Rodrigo CortezFábio Vido
Art Buyers: Tina Castro, Gisele Miranda, Daniel Gonçalves
Account Supervisor: Nilton Bonini
Account Manager: Luciana Ribeiro
Planners: Pedro Cruz, Cinthia Kim, Pedro Schneider
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Jessica Gonzalez
Published: April 2012

via: Ads of the World

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Originality Punished

I was thinking last night that I haven’t ranted in a while and then BAM like a strike of lightning something happened that got me really fucking annoyed. And now the preface.

I understand the idea behind “America’s Got Talent” and that it’s not really who has the most talent, if that were the case Illuminati would’ve won, but about who is the most popular. And if there is one thing for sure that originality goes, somewhat, punished on the show. Of course I am speaking somewhat in order to raise an eyebrow but I do feel that a band in the “America’s Got Talent” showcase got screwed out of a slot because of their risk at being original.

Wordspit and the Illist is a band that oozes creativity and originality and got punished for performing an original, yes original, song on “America’s Got Talent”. The show that touts and endorses unique and “original” acts to grace their stage bounced this band when it had a chance to save them last night.

No, I assure you, I am not some jaded fan of theirs. I do, however, enjoy their music and presence on stage.

It’s something, that I feel, is a problem in America right now. Originality and creativity is shunned until, of course, it catches speed and then all of the sudden the “nay-sayers” come out of the woodwork to claim they were fans all along.

I don’t understand it.

Maybe it’s just me and maybe I am missing something, this wouldn’t be the first time. And, of course, there is always the simple idea that no one enjoyed this band, but based on the judges, who don’t speak for all of America, they all agreed that this band was something special. There was a turning point though when Howie and Sharon both said they shot themselves in the foot for doing an original song which, undoubtedly, cost them some points because people go on the judges recommendations for some reason.

The issue at hand though isn’t this one particular band, it’s society as a whole. I know people want to fit in and be cool but, again maybe just me, I don’t operate like that. I love seeing new and exciting things and love to discuss and determine whether or not I, not you, like and enjoy it. People who do original things are often cast aside for some cookie cutter idea that is a copy of a copy of a copy, I just don’t fully understand it. And, naturally, that original idea comes forth and becomes a big hit, see Taylor Swift.

This post may not be seen by a lot of people, hell it may not be seen by anyone, but I beg of you, America, please don’t punish originality. If you don’t like something that is completely fine but don’t punish creativity because they didn’t play a cover of “We Are Young” by Fun. “America’s Got Talent” is also to blame considering they lead in by saying the band is taking a “risk” doing an “original song” giving a negative thought at the start. Creativity and originality should be praised not looked at like a person playing in traffic.

Please, stop the madness.


Transform for Safety

It’s not every day that I get emotional over an ad but this one certainly hit me pretty hard. No child should ever be abused and the fact that we have to make ads about it is sad in its own right. Beautifully written and shot and really brings the emotion out and let’s us see what lengths kids would go to stop being abused. It got Silver at the Clio’s, deserved Gold in my book.

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Half Here, Half There

Google, your endless supply of cash to fund all of your ventures is mind-boggling yet inspiring all at the same time. I would like to quickly note that all industry should look to Google, in terms of their willingness to invest in their own brand and create new revenue streams, as a model for successful business everywhere. With that said Google recently introduce “Google Play” which is basically a cloud-like device that allows you to watch part of a movie on one device and finish it on another. This video announcing the launch is fun, interactive and I am always in favor of corny 1970’s era TV commercial voice-overs.

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Music Marketing

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an idea I’ve had for marketing purposes but I feel that I really came across something that is beneficial and practical.

Sports. Yes, sports is where I am taking this music idea I have. Sometimes it’s just background noise, but music is a big part of the ambiance of a stadium when there are lulls in the game or there is a commercial break or any other type of break. The idea is simple, keep people involved, keep them interested and most of all keep them in the seats because that, obviously, leads to more concession sales. Music is also used a lot in one particular sport, Baseball. Continue reading

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Work I Wish I Did

Being an ad student is tough. It’s hard to toe the line of insane and really good and you don’t always get the same response from everybody. Usually when you hit one out of the park though people fall in love with an ad, like I did with this one. It’s funny, it’s smart and it sells the product in the right way. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for me, wish me luck.

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