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Mayhem Strikes Again

Have to give a shout out to Creativity-Online for this one.


And CMOs everywhere wonder why they pay creative shops so much money. Taking advantage of something like this is a brilliant use of social media and proves how strong this campaign really is.


Just read the hashtag. This is a perfect example of people not calling in everyone on their staff to read it before sending out to the masses. I’m pretty sure the first person who read this on Twitter made sure everyone they knew saw it.

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Trust Your Power

I will admit that motivational speeches, quotes, movies and the like always hit home with me, so it’s no surprise I love this ad featuring Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. In a two minute ad in which Willis tells his life story of determination and perseverance you get drawn in and don’t focus on the fact that it’s promoting a brand. I usually don’t like forced hashtags in advertisements unless they have a purpose and, in this case, #trustyourpower has just that. Now I have to trust the power to not cry in front of my boss after watching this for the 37th time.

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Coca-Cola Amplifier

Pretty much everyone is in agreement that when listening to music on your iPhone the sound quality pretty much sucks. The volume isn’t very loud and the music starts to get muffled and distorted. There are simple ways around this without buying a $150 iHome or whatever kind of amplification system is out there, I personally enjoy using a ceramic bowl or glass cup. (it works wonders!) Another interesting way comes via JWT in Brazil who came up with the idea of using a standard magazine to promote the use of Coca-Cola FM. A nifty way to promote listening to music and getting your app more downloads and listens, pretty smart stuff.

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Hot Wheels: Make Pretend, Now Reality

Anyone who has ever played with Hot Wheels, or Matchbox, toy cars has pretty much done some kind of crazy stunt with the car that, at the time, would be physically impossible. Let alone the long drops that left the cars unscathed that would ultimately, if it were real life, lead to disastrous consequences with at least 15 people dead, good thing they made ambulances too. In a world of make pretend we can make these bit sized automobiles do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, wherever we wanted, if you can’t tell I was obsessed with these toys. Now Hot Wheels is bringing those fantasies to reality with jaw dropping stunts and are keeping it real by making sure to include their trademark orange ramps.

This is a great example of where advertising is heading and, if so, I am completely on board with this. I really don’t want to clump two thoughts together in this post but here is a link for some really cool packaging stunts that will also lead advertising into the new age. It’s not all about Facebook and Twitter people, it’s about getting people to discuss YOUR product on Facebook and Twitter without being forced to do so.

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Blue Cross’ Strong Statement

Blue Cross has released a campaign showing how parental habits affect their children and the choices they make. In this particular instance they are attacking healthier eating choices in two clever ways. The first is a spot where two children are arguing about how much food their parents can eat and how cool it is. The second spot features a mother and daughter at a supermarket, each item her mom puts in the cart the daughter is sure to copy. Very strong, very real and extremely effective. It’s not easy to take a stance like this, especially when ridicule is so easily handed out, but I am happy someone has attacked the source, well done.

Fast Food:


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Sweat Abe, Sweat!!!

There is no real indication of whether or not this is supposed to be some kind of bizarro Abe Lincoln, there is no hole in the head to know for sure, but we can all agree it kind of looks like him and that’s pretty weird. Skittles continues their acid-fueled journey which keeps me asking, “how much acid do they actually put in the coating of these tasty, tasty snacks?”. The idea is a guy on treadmill who can’t stop sweating, friend/co-worker/sadist enjoys watching said friend sweat and reap the Skittle rewards.

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For the Nostalgics Out There…Atari!

I really don’t care who is providing this great resurrection of gaming beauty but Atari is back, albeit redone but back nonetheless. You do have to sit through an advertisement before playing, we’ve all done that before to watch videos of dumb cats so this has a better pay off. The URL is from so I guess it’s a plug from them, hopefully they don’t think they can enter the console battle, online platforms seem to be an open market though. Developing.

In the meantime you can play these games here

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Pretty Awesome Picture

Yeah, I can be brash and probably argumentative at times but sometimes things make your heart melt and this is one of them.

ASPCA fire Sarah McLachlan, I’m pretty sure this picture will have us all wanting to adopt instead of that horrible, nightmare inducing song you play on those sad, sad commercials.

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Hot Pockets Have Better Packaging Than You!

I was introduced to pocket/packet-vertising via Taco Bell and I have noticed it on a lot more products recently. It’s a great way to show your softer side and an ever better way to get people to talk about your product. I came across this post on theChive (what else is new) and it’s a great way to show a connection, and is even a better case study, that you can have with your clients.

Hot Pockets, you win

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