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Trust Your Power

I will admit that motivational speeches, quotes, movies and the like always hit home with me, so it’s no surprise I love this ad featuring Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. In a two minute ad in which Willis tells his life story of determination and perseverance you get drawn in and don’t focus on the fact that it’s promoting a brand. I usually don’t like forced hashtags in advertisements unless they have a purpose and, in this case, #trustyourpower has just that. Now I have to trust the power to not cry in front of my boss after watching this for the 37th time.

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Music Marketing

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an idea I’ve had for marketing purposes but I feel that I really came across something that is beneficial and practical.

Sports. Yes, sports is where I am taking this music idea I have. Sometimes it’s just background noise, but music is a big part of the ambiance of a stadium when there are lulls in the game or there is a commercial break or any other type of break. The idea is simple, keep people involved, keep them interested and most of all keep them in the seats because that, obviously, leads to more concession sales. Music is also used a lot in one particular sport, Baseball. Continue reading

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My Sweat is Orange

It’s interesting that we often avoid the obvious question of why when huge brands produce products that are clearly just a way for them to squeeze every last dime out of you because, plain and simple, they can. Gatorade, which I do believe is a fantastic product, has released three different drinks that are to be used before, during and after your sports activity. Or, if you’re like me, before you sit down on the couch, while your sitting and before you have to get up to go to the fridge to get some cold fried chicken. Sorry, back on track…Finally someone has called them out on it and it’s Powerade. In a hilarious advert Powerade takes on the confusing products Gatorade has put out and throw them into a “real life” situation where basketball players aren’t playing to their potential because of the misuse of these Gatorade drinks. Everything ties together when, as a shot at past advertising, one of the players is shown to be sweating Orange, which could never be a good thing. My personal favorite part, and you don’t get to say this often, is the token white guy. See the spot after the fold.  Continue reading

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ESPN and Silly Bets

ESPN knows its sports and knows how to market their product to the sports fan. Continuing the “It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports” campaign, ESPN and Weiden + Kennedy have created another spot showing how far our love of sports takes us. We have all made bets with each other over games where rival teams square off and in an effort to show your undying devotion you shake hands on a deal that you’re sure you can’t lose. Alas there has to be a loser so you end up in a speedo and flip flops while walking around the downtown area of your neighborhood…in the snow. The spot is hilarious and hits home with every sports fan who will stand by their team through thick and thin and, more important, prove that you are a man or woman of your word. Spot after the fold.  Continue reading

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